Sammi’s Favorite Things: VELANCHE

Sammi’s Favorite Things: VELANCHE

Sammi’s Favorite Things: VELANCHE

The fashion world is getting even more exciting with the launch of VELANCHE last week! It is gorgeous, fun and promises to be the next big thing. Check out more information below.

With over 32M+ followers across social media, Jules LeBlanc has shown her fans that a new world for creatives exists. In 2008, Jules began her rise to stardom with the inception of her YouTube channel. At the time, she was most popularly known for her gymnastics videos and being a familiar face on her family’s daily vlog channel. Aside from vlogging, Jules is well-loved for her musical talents and diverse acting experience. She has been in TV shows and movies, and most recently, the lead role for the Nickelodeon comedy series, Side Hustle. Now that Jules has established herself as a major player in the entertainment industry, she has taken her talents to the world of fashion.

On September 21st, Jules will release her very first collection of her new high-end fashion brand – VELANCHE. When you think of luxury fashion, Paris immediately comes to mind, which is why Jules partnered with a highly sustainable international studio to give life to her collection. With the power of social media at an all-time high, VELANCHE will target Gen-Z women, blending a perfect androgynous attitude and style, with sensual colors and fabrics that marry feminine and masculine designs. With dresses designed in very personal colors and prints, made from fine lace or dry fabrics, the entire line creates a mood inspired by the iconic fashion of the ’90s.

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In the development of VELANCHE, Jules wanted to make sure that the brand put ethics, responsibility, and sustainability at the forefront of the manufacturing process, in order to combat the rise of fast fashion plaguing the industry. Every three months, VELANCHE will offer a small, sustainable wardrobe that is both fashionable and timeless, with each piece designed to be worn and re-worn endlessly without falling out of fashion. In order to ensure the quality and sustainability, Jules’ approach is to work with local French manufacturers that concentrate production in Parisian workshops, using natural fibers (cotton, viscose, silk, linen) selected from premiere European weavers. The collection’s sizes will range from XS to XXL to accommodate all Jules’ fans, in order to make sure VELANCHE is inclusive and welcome for everyone.


The styles will be dropping on September 21, 2022, on 

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