Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Recap for Episode 10: Final Girls

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Recap for Episode 10: Final Girls

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Recap for Episode 10: Final Girls


Crazy things that happened in this episode


  • Tabby is talking to Wes about the night she left to go to the party and learns Chip bailed on work too. Wes says he assumes it was for the same party.

At this point I’m just waiting for them to come out and say Chip is the rapist. I really hope A and the Masked Stalker get him.

  • The girls are at their favorite spot Pinball Pizza and Faran is filling them in on how Tom (Sheriff Beasley) raped Angela. Imogen tells how he dated her mom in high school and how her body is missing. Sheriff Beasley is now on their suspect list because he could be the connection to everything.

Are there no good men in this series? Every man is a creep, a liar, toxic or a rapist. I like Zeke but he seems like a spineless wimp who just let his wife do whatever, like make her daughter have unnecessary surgery. Ash is the only good one. Also, way to bury the lead. Imogen I think you mom’s body being dug up trumps who she dated in high school, although it is important in this case.

  • All the girls call out their moms about them leaving out that Sheriff Beasley raped Angela. They all have they all seem to avoid it as if they didn’t know saying it was a rumor. It happened right before Davis and Tom broke up.

At this point the moms need to stop and just tell us everything. WE DON’T WANT PLOT HOLES and the girls need to stop A and the Masked Stalker.

  • Kelly tells Faran that her dad is spiraling and not letting her go back to school until after Christmas because her mama told about Angela. Faran tells Kelly that her dad might be responsible for Karen’s death and about the Masked Stalker terrorizing them and that is who murdered Karen to avenge Angela Waters and all the people who hurt her.

Kelly, can you go live with a relative or someone and get out of town? You are so damaged worse than all the other girls . You need to get away from your crazy family and all of this. All the girls do, but my heart really breaks for Kelly.

  • Tabby tells Imogen about how she thinks it is Chip who raped them. He was there both nights and Tabby can’t shake the feeling that it was him. Imogen says when she woke up from the beach her underwear was gone if it was Chip maybe he has it still. They decide to go to his house and look they don’t find the underwear but they find gross rape horror movies.

I wanted to cry watching this. The girls showed how it felt to be violated by someone you know, cared about and trusted is an unexplainable feeling. I think the scene was well done and it was heartbreaking. I can’t even put into words how this must make someone feel.

  • Tabby and Imogen decide to confront Chip on what he did at the movie theater. They tell him they know what he did at both parties and how the have proof from the baby’s DNA that it matches his blood from the blood drive. He did it because Tabby didn’t want to be with him and he wanted to be close to her. For Imogen his reasoning was because she was there. As they confront him, the Masked Stalker comes out from behind him. Chip runs and Imogen tells the Masked Stalker that Chip hurt them like Tom Beasley hurt Angela and he goes after Chip.
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Chip deserves to die. He tried to justify what he did instead of feeling guilty and apologizing and pleading for forgiveness….he basically blames the girls. I think the Masked Stalker wants to protect the girls to an extent. Maybe he couldn’t protect Angela.

  • The girls are all at lunch filling each other in on everything when they all get a text saying: Your final round is about to begin. You broke our rule. The girls are still trying to figure out how their moms are involved and why Sheriff Beasley isn’t the guiltiest party. They decide to go to Angela’s house together.

I’m glad Imogen isn’t going alone I swear she is going to go into labor while she is being chased by A or the Masked Stalker. Having your water break isn’t fun in normal situations.

  • At Angela’s house ,the girls search everything. As the girls are searching, we see each of the moms get kidnapped by the Masked Stalker. As the girls search, it looks like someone else lived there with Angela and her mom. They find a height chart with two sets of heights both A.W, and crayons in the cage as if a child was left in there, not an animal. Finally, they find a picture of two kids. Angela wasn’t and only child.

This was kind of predictable….a secret sibling. Tabby seemed way too excited for her secret deformed brother like “people Under the Stairs” reference that could possibly be true. Thank you Noa for calling her our on her movie references. Why would you be excited for that?  Now we know who is behind everything or one of the people.

  • The girls get a text: Time for the trial with a picture of the school. They get another picture of their moms all tied up a knocked out in the back of a van. Before the girls enter, Imogen texts Kelly that they are at the school, and they might need back up.

Is this going to be like the dollhouse where the girls decide which mom to torture? Are we finally going to learn the whole truth?

  • The girls go in and there is a hall pass for each of them. Tabitha Haworth: Report to the Film Classroom, Faran Bryant: Report to The Dance Studio, Minnie Honrada: Report to the Computer Lab, Noa Olivar: Report to the Nurses Office, Imogen Adams: Report to the Library. Before they all split up they get one more text: All bullies must be punished tonight. Starting with YOURS.-A.

Who are there bullies? The moms? Are they going to have to torture their moms individually?

  • The girls separate but it is not their moms waiting for them.
    • Tabby’s bully is Chip….. there is a note that says: Chip hurt you. He’s your bully. Carve an A into his chest.
    • Noa’s bully is her mom’s dealer…..her note says: He bullied you and your mom time to give him a taste of his own medicine. There are syringes for her to inject him with.
    • Mouse’s bully is Steve….her note says He played cat and mouse with you. Now it’s your turn to trap him before he does it again. I’m not sure what she has to do attack him with mouse traps?
    • Faran’s bully is Madam Giry…her note reads: She bullied you to be perfect time to make her imperfect. She has a drill of some sort. Again, I’m not so sure what she is supposed to do.
    • Imogen walks in and her mom’s dug up corpse is there. Her note says: Think your mom wasn’t a bully? Look in her mouth and she’ll finally tell you the truth.
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The girls all meet up but none of them punished their bullies.

That was very “Saw” like and I am disappointed Tabby with all the movie references you don’t make that one. In all seriousness, that was sick. I kind of wished the girls did something to their bullies that would be a good segway for the next season if we get one.

  • They get another text: Well done, you showed mercy. Maybe there’s hope. Gather in the auditorium. The trial begins now. The girls go and see their moms all tied to chairs. The Masked Stalker is there and PRINCIPAL CLANTON! The Masked Stalker is Archie and he was Angela’s brother. Principal Clanton is Angela and Archie’s father. The mom’s didn’t even know he was. He went to school with Rose and when she got pregnant with twins his family paid her family off to leave town. She came back years later when Clanton was Vice Principal and asked him enroll Angela at Millwood High. Archie stayed at home…he has a face only a mother could love. Angela didn’t know that was her father, but he watched how the moms bullied her.

Wow…. That was a lot. You have to feel a little bad for him. It was his daughter right there and he wasn’t allowed to let her know. So many questions, what is wrong with Archie, why didn’t Clanton try and stop the bullying…oh yeah it was the 90’s.


  • Kelly tries to sneak out to help the girls but her dad stops her. She is having dinner with her family and Kelly tells her father it is his fault Karen died because of what he did to Angela. Mrs. Beasley leaves the table and gets a knife and stabs Sheriff Beasley TWICE.

Way to go Mrs. Beasley but omg poor Kelly! She watched her sister get murdered, she just watched her mom stab her dad. She is going to need some intense therapy.

  • Principal Clanton tells the girls Angela didn’t kill herself because of her assault but because of something else. Imogen says she found he mom’s diary pages almost every page says “erase her”. Angela was sexually assaulted. Davis didn’t believe it was Tom. She blamed it on Angela and told the girls to erase her. She had the whole school to erase her and ignore her. For the final embarrassment, Davis invited her to the Y2K party but still had everyone ignore her even though she was distressed. We learn Davis did kill herself.

Every bad feeling I ever had from high school for being bullied came rushing back. Poor Angela. The moms were just awful. How do you get a whole school to ignore someone?

  • Imogen tries to plea for her mom and say that she changed.  Principal Clanton doesn’t care, he says “The sins of the mother must fall upon her child” and sends Archie after her. Imogen remembers her mom said their house is her safe place so she goes to run there with Archie chasing her. She gets to her house and hides in the bathtub. When Archie approaches, she stabs him. Continues in typical good vs evil fight.
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How she is doing this while having contractions and being thrown all over the place is insane. My heart was racing for that baby.

  •  Of course Imogen starts going into labor while running home. Principal Clanton says with their sacrifice they are going to make sure Angela did not die in vain. The sacrifice being them and he is going to blame it all on Sheriff Beasley. Kelly and Greg walk in on everything and Principal Clanton shoots Greg. While distracted, Tabby knocks Principal Clanton out with the film teachers name plaque.

Dear lord I know Greg is a tool, a MAJOR tool, but please don’t let Kelly watch someone else die that she cares about. Smart thinking on Tabby’s part.

  • Imogen is in the hospital. She had her baby, a beautiful baby girl. Archie survived the stabbing and is in the hospital. but is being monitored by the deputies. Sheriff Beasley also survived. Principal Clanton was arrested.

Of course Archie survived, that is horror movie 101. Evil never dies. Oh no, now I’m turning into Tabby quoting movies.

  • They are all together for Christmas….all the moms, the girls, the boyfriends. All the moms share what they are working on. Marjorie is going to rehab, Corey is moving back to Millwood, Elodie and Shirley are starting couples therapy. Everyone is happy. Until we learn Chip is out on bail. The girls are going to go after him with lawyers.

I liked that the moms showed what they were going to work on. I wish we saw what Sidney was going to work on, but to be honest she is probably the best one out of all the moms.

  • Imogen is talking to Tabby, holding her baby. They are talking about the adoptive family. It is a couple in Rosewood who are both writers and one owns a book shop. It’s Aria and Ezra. They are going to keep Imogen updated with the baby.

I loved the connection to the original show. Ezra gets a lot of hate (justifiably so) but it was cute knowing Aria was going to be a mom.

  • Tabby asks if Imogen thinks it’s over-over or is the a sequel in the offing? Imogen thinks it’s over. We flash to the hospital….a nurse walks in and sees Sheriff Beasley murdered, Archie is gone and the deputy guarding his door has also been murdered. We flash again, this time to Chip’s doorbell ringing and him opening to door to Archie attacking him.

Just like in Halloween he always comes back.


My final thoughts:

  • I know why no one cared about the janitor.Principal Clanton covered it up
  • I liked this ending. It left it where we could get another series but we don’t have to.
  • After Karen died the girls got a text “One bully down, five more to go.” Who are the five? We have 1) Karen, 2) Tyler 3)Sheriff Beasley 4) Chip. Who are the other two? Are Sheriff Beasley and Chip even counted in that?
  • I want more on Mouse’s story what is up with her dad?




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