ICYMI: Law and Order Quick-Cap for 3/10/2022

ICYMI: Law and Order Quick-Cap for 3/10/2022

ICYMI: Law and Order Quick-Cap for 3/10/2022

Case/Suspect One: Social media influencer Amanda goes missing after attending a party. Pictures of a crime scene were released, leading to a fellow influencer Toby becoming a person of interest. He was also the last known person to have seen Amanda alive and was previously in a relationship with her.

Suspect Two: A man named Joseph, whose blood came back on a hit. He is arrested after Amanda’s ID was found in his home.

However, he revealed that while he was attempting to rob her, he witnessed a fight between Amanda and an unidentified man, who later pulled her into a truck.

At this point, it is revealed that the unidentified man was stalking the influencer.

Suspect Three: Daniel, who was the man stalking Amanda. He is a known catfisher who uses dating apps to lure his victims. When the cops find him, he runs away, but several pieces of incriminating evidence are found by where he was camping.

Publicity Stunt?: Daniel’s lawyer claims this is all a publicity stunt and Amanda is actually hiding on a beach in the Bahamas. A picture surfaces supporting this claim, but it is soon deemed to be fake.

Another Twist: A former classmate of Daniel’s claimed to find one of Amanda’s shoes and that she could tie him to the murder.  However, Daniel’s attorney tried to dispute these claims, saying this was for personal gain.

Verdict: After a plea deal option and threat of Amanda’s family never finding answers, Daniel is found guilty of murder.

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