ICYMI: B Positive Recap for Osteoporosis, a Thaaang, and a Slinky

ICYMI: B Positive Recap for Osteoporosis, a Thaaang, and a Slinky

ICYMI: B Positive Recap for Osteoporosis, a Thaaang, and a Slinky

The episode opens with Gina (Annaleigh Ashford) telling Norma (Linda Lavin) her sister is coming to visit. Norma tells her to tell her she is dead because she is rude and not a good person. Gina quips she is like her.


Gabby brings Irene (Rondi Reed) in, which earns her a snarky comment. The sisters continue the snark fest when Drew (Thomas Middleditch) comes in, earning him a part in the snark party. He quips that Norma is the nice one as Gina begins to sing.


The next day, Drew joins Harry (Hector Elizondo) for breakfast, which earns him a blind date with his niece Amanda. He says she has a few issues, but Drew wants to meet her anyway.


Bette(Jane Seymour) and Spencer (Jim Beaver) watch a movie together when she suggests he spend the night. He seems scared over the fact of being intimate with her, especially when she mentions toys.


Peter (Ben Vereen) joins Mrs. Ludlum (Anna Maria Horsford) and Jerry (David Anthony Higgins) while Gina shows Irene around. Peter tries to impress her, but it doesn’t work. She also makes fun of Jerry and thinks he is in a relationship with Peter. She thinks he could do better, but Peter says he would be proud to be with Jerry.


Irene decides to move in, much to Norma’s chagrin. There was apparently a conflict with them over a man named Stanley, who Norma dated and Irene married.

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Drew asks Gina for the night off so he can go on his date and accuses her of being curious. She denies it as she leaves the room.


Spencer asks Peter, Harry, Jerry and Burt (DB Sweeney) about what to do about potentially having sex with Bette. They all suggest he take the pills. However, he is more worried since Bette would be the first since his wife died. They all offer stories and advice to help him feel better about the situation.


Gina goes to talk to Norma, who vents about Irene. The two share war stories about their sisters.


The next day, Irene shares her own story. Gina tries to relate, but she doesn’t want to hear it. She has a sister intervention, which led to more fighting and the revelation that Irene just wants her sister back. They make up.


Drew goes on his date with Amanda(Otmara Marrero) , who is waiting on lab results and can only do hand stuff. He is completely uncomfortable.


Bette and Spencer spend the night together. He is nervous, but ends up enjoying himself several times.…touchdown! Gideon walks in because he heard the emergency call button they set off.


Gina goes to spy on Drew and Amanda, only to get caught by Drew. They talk and he admits he loves her. However, she isn’t ready and needs more time. He gets upset and storms off.


The episode ends with Irene telling Gina to buy her towels and Spencer walking into the dining room morning after style.

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