TVGrapevine’s Books of the Year

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TVGrapevine’s Books of the Year

TVGrapevine's Books of the Year

Anyone who has followed TVGrapevine knows I absolutely love to read. I try to get at least twenty to thirty minutes in before bed and download books onto my Kindle quite often. The list of books I want to read is constantly growing, making me wish there were more hours in the day so I can do more reading.

While there were many books I enjoyed this year, there are three that stood out head and shoulders above the rest. They are all vastly different, but each one stood out to me in a very special way.

1: Halloween 365. This book was written by my dear friend Michelle Carlbert, who is known as the Queen of Halloween. The book shares different ideas on how to celebrate the holiday all year long. Some ideas are from Michelle’s imagination, while others are inspired by other holidays…with her own personal twist. She is well on her way to becoming the next Martha Stewart!

While the book is incredible, I am more proud of the fact that my friend is so talented and that I get to use this post to share her talent with the world.

2. Latinas Who BossUP: Secrets from Super Bosses making it work in the most amazing ways (Women Who BossUp): This book is another in a series of books created by Tamira Luc. This particular book features several Latina women who are boss babes and overcame the odds in life to become role models for the next generation. This book features another friend of mine, Budy Jamilly Whitfield, who talks about how she earned her Masters, became a social worker and raised an amazing young man….all at a young age. She faced many hardships in life, but became one of the most incredible women I have the pleasure of knowing.

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3. A Great Peace: I am a huge fan of memoirs and pop culture, so I was excited that one of my favorite actresses Mena Suvari came out with her own book. Her memoir touches on topics such as assault, suicide, relationships, abuse and everything in between. She also shares some of her own creative writing and poetry, which is inspired by events in her life.

I encourage you to check out these books as soon as possible!

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