The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Snark and Highlights from 11/14/2021

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Highlights for 10/24/2021

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Highlights for 10/24/2021

  • I love me some fast food, but how can Lisa and her family eat it every day? I also don’t understand how she can’t (or won’t) cook.
  • Oyster date night seems like it is code for ‘getting lucky’ night.
  • However, in this case, Duy might end up in the doghouse because he won’t shut up about wanting another baby and a sister wife.
  • Jennie is right, Duy should go to therapy to deal with the loss of their daughter.
  • Seth, I don’t think anyone has ever said better late than ugly, although Blanche Devereaux did say better late than PREGNANT!
  • What the hell is ‘mother nature’s cleavage?’
  • What is it with the men tonight? Duy is pushing for more kids and a sister wife and Seth doesn’t seem to want to help or be involved in the lives of his children.
  • I thought Heather said BONG dips, not BALM dips….and was incredibly confused.
  • The first birthday party for the Beauty Bar is so cute….and I am taking notes for when Aria turns one….because these party ideas are the best!
  • On what planet does fluffing auras sound sexy?
  • It is really crappy to bring up this drama at a party and make Angie feel bad….not surprising, but still crappy.
  • Two hours and sixty minutes….TWICE? WTF is Mary babbling about?
  • If Angie is invisible, how can it be annoying that she is there?
  • Carbonation can harden your ovaries? Again….WTF, Mary?
  • I would want to google that too because it sounds like an old wives tale or urban legend.
  • WOW, Mary came after Lisa, not only by her questioning the carbonation thing, but by calling her a liar AND THEN getting in her face.
  • Why is Jennie suddenly screaming at everyone…particularly Mary?
  • Ohhhh….not the curse words!
  • WOW, Lisa is being a full on BRAT!
  • Tits in vs. Tits out for the SLC Silicone Challenge? All righty then!
  • Did Lisa just say it was 2022? Did they time travel? (The Real Housewives of Tardis Travel, anyone?)
  • WTF, Lisa? Jennie is allowed to share about her daughter’s death and it is NONE of your business as to why she shared!
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More next week, stay tuned.


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