America’s Got Talent: Recap for 9/7/2021

America's Got Talent: Recap for 9/7/2021

America’s Got Talent: Recap for 9/7/2021

Tonight’s America’s Got Talent will help decide the next five act that will make it into the top ten! Terry Crews hosts, while Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Simon Cowell and Sofia Vergara judge.

1achord: Tonight they sing Every Breath You Take by The Police. It is an amazing, moving arrangement and brings tears to my eyes.

As an aside, it is hard to believe that they have been only working together for a year, because they have insane chemistry.

The judges love them as well.


Unicircle Flow: They really stepped it up this week and added some new tricks and flair to their routine. I love how the lights give it an almost eighties rollerskating vibe. It is beyond fun to watch.

The judges agree they stepped it up and can now see them in the finals.


Lea Kyle: This week’s quick change routine has a kind of rainforest feel to it. As always, the costumes are amazing and gorgeous, but I wonder how she can make this into a longer Vegas act….unless she adds storytelling to it? Overall, it is fun to watch.

The judges can’t want to see more and call her a million dollar act.


Kabir Singh: His routine tonight focuses on dating. It is relatable, but hard to follow. Then again, I think it was geared toward males in the dating world.

Simon buzzes him, but Howie found him entertaining.


Northwell Health Nurse Choir: As usual, they made me cry tonight. I am in awe with how incredible they sound….and how comforting they are at the same time. WOW.

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They judges loved it and compare them to professionals.


Peter Antoniou: Somehow, his act goes completely wrong. Sofia is called to the stage to help, but somehow whatever he was planning didn’t work at all. I was confused throughout the whole thing.

Simon buzzes him when he says his psychic powers don’t always pan out.


Victory Brinker: She is not only a cute little thing, but she is full of absolute talent….she is such a music prodigy. Her voice is developed and powerful beyond her years….and yeah, what else is there to say?

The judges think she could win it all and that she is a star in the making.


Chapkidz: They remind me of a high school musical act. It even had a high school vibe with those uniforms. Everything was in sync and tight, making it one of the best acts of the night.

The judges think they just danced their way into the finals.


Rialcris: These brothers always amaze me, not only with their acts, but with how well they get along and trust each other. Tonight is no different. While they keep their shirts on, they still  manage to give off Magic Mike vibes mixed with some insane balancing that I have only seen in competitive cheerleading.

Simon buzzes him, but everyone else seems to love him.


Josh Blue: He has such a special aura about him…..he just walks on stage and I instantly feel all of the positive energy. His act is once again about his life and he manages to not only be funny, but also endearing.

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The judges think he will be back next week!


Brooke Simpson: What a way to end the night! Her voice is powerful and she is well on her way to being the next diva in music. I am blown away!

The judges also love her!


Results tomorrow, stay tuned.



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