Sammi’s Favorite Things: Absolutely Gluten Free

Sammi's Favorite Things: Absolutely Gluten Free

Sammi’s Favorite Things: Absolutely Gluten Free

It is no secret that I love snacks. In fact, there are days I just graze on snack foods instead of eating a real meal. Bad habit? Yes, but I am a gal on the go, so sometimes I just do what I have to do to have a full belly.

That being said, I am always on the hunt for snacks that are not too high in fat or sugar and make me feel as if I am being healthy. Enter my new favorite snack: coconut chews by Absolutely Gluten Free. While I do not follow a celiac or gluten free diet, I do find some gluten free snacks to be filling and delicious. These coconut chews are no exception. They are cholesterol free, low in fat and made in a nut free facility. In short, they are a snack everyone can enjoy.

These chews, which remind me of a cross between a macaroon and a snack bar, come in four different flavors: blueberry, chocolate, cranberry and key lime. Each individually wrapped chew is low in calories and the perfect pick me up between meals or to enjoy with a cup of coffee or tea. While they are small, they really pack a punch when it comes to flavor and filling your belly.

(For the record, I have tried the key lime and blueberry so far and both have the perfect combo of coconut, fruit flavor and chocolate!)

For more information on where to buy this amazing snack, visit



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