Callahan Walsh Gets Spinoff Series

Callahan Walsh Gets Spinoff Series

Callahan Walsh Gets Spinoff Series

With the acute understanding of someone whose family has been through the unimaginable experience of losing a child, Callahan Walsh hosts an hour-long special spotlighting missing persons cases with IN PURSUIT: THE MISSING. As a spokesperson and child advocate for the National Center for the Missing & Exploited Children, Callahan brings his passion, empathy, and determination to actively investigate two mysterious disappearances, and provide an outlet to the families desperate for answers. The special also showcases missing children cases from around the country, each with a ticking clock, unanswered questions, and an urgent need to activate the public to come forward with tips or information that might help bring these missing persons home to their loved ones. IN PURSUIT: THE MISSING will stream on discovery+ beginning on Sunday, March 7, and will premiere on Investigation Discovery on Monday, March 8 at 9pm ET. IN PURSUIT WITH JOHN WALSH, which Callahan co-hosts alongside his legendary crime fighting and fugitive-catching father, John Walsh, returns later this year.

In the first featured story, Callahan travels to the picturesque town of Cape Coral, Florida to learn more about the disappearance of 29-year-old single mother, Lauren Dumolo, who was reported missing on June 19, 2020. In his quest to bring Lauren home, Callahan uncovers dark secrets and learns that certain people in Lauren’s life might not have had her best interest at heart. Then, Callahan travels across the state to Ft. Lauderdale and immerses himself in the 2017 missing persons case of then 15-year-old Sophie Reeder, who snuck out from her father’s home in the late evening hours on Friday, May 19.  When his investigation takes a turn into the shadowy world of the dark web, Callahan takes a deeper dive into the epidemic of human trafficking, and uncovers clues that Sophie might have fallen in the hands of those who perhaps groomed and targeted her.

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In both cases, few clues are left behind, leaving Callahan to conduct boots-on-the-ground investigations into these disappearances. Speaking with law enforcement and the victim’s family to understand the circumstances surrounding the fateful day they were last seen, Callahan works to reveal any leads or information that have been unearthed since they’ve been gone and asks viewers to call if they have information on the cases.

IN PURSUIT: THE MISSING also spotlights missing children cases from around the country, including: the July 10 disappearance of 10-year-old Breasia Terrell from Davenport, Iowa;  the August 4 disappearance of 12-year-old Jaylen Griffin from Buffalo, New York; the May, 2019 disappearance of then-16-year-old John Riser from Washtoukna, Washington; and the 2015 disappearance of then 15-year-old Ava Baldwin from San Antonio, Texas, which includes an age-progression photo provided by NCMEC to help guide the public on what she might look like now that she’s 11.

Anyone with information in any of the featured cases is encouraged to text or call our hotline at 833-3-PURSUE, or submit tips online at All calls can remain confidential.

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