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ICYMI: B Positive Season 2 Premiere Recap

ICYMI: B Positive Season 2 Premiere Recap

ICYMI: B Positive Season 2 Premiere Recap

The season premiere of CBS’s B Positive opens with Drew dreaming he is watching his kidney transplant. The doctors and Gina are playing catch with his kidney and give it to him, which he uses to play hackey sack.


In real time, Drew jolts, causing the doctors to give him more happy juice.


Drew wakes up from his surgery, where his daughter Maddie and ex-wife Julia are there, waiting for him. Julia tells him the surgery went well and that Gina is okay as well.


After Julia goes to get a nurse, Maddie and Drew talk about Gina. She thinks he is in love with her, but he is confused. She teases him that she should call Gina Mom or Kidney Donor Hump Buddy. He says to just call her Aunt Gina.


At the next doctor’s appointment, Gina asks for water. Drew tells her to get it herself, but she is determined to milk being a donor as much as possible.


The doctor comes in and tells them everything is going to be fine and the donation was a success and he will see them in six months. He just needs to take his pills.


Both of them are thrilled with this turn of events and hug it out. It gets a bit weird, so she leaves, without her water.


Gideon hooks Jerry up for his dialysis, who says he has to pee. Eli tells him that he as a Gatorade bottles for emergencies, but Jerry says it won’t work.

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Drew comes in to visit and invites the guys to lunch. However, they just got started. He continues to chat, but ends up making everyone uncomfortable.

Gina is at work, where she is filling Gabby in on her surgery.


At that moment, their boss comes in, saying Mr. Kneuden passed away due to having a heart attack on the toilet. She assigns Gabby to clean it up and tells Gina that he left her something in his will, so she should expect a call from a lawyer.


That night, she comes home to a dinner Drew made. He wants to tell her something, but she shares that Mr. Kneuden left her 48 million dollars. She is thrilled, but wants to know what Drew wanted to say. However, he decides not to share.


Gina recalls her meeting with the lawyer and finds out half her money will go to taxes, which leads to her having ‘a little orgasm,’ because it is still a lot of money.


Back to the dinner. Drew ends up snapping at Gina, who insists he shares what he wants to say. She offers to buy him a car, which makes him wonder what she is going to do with the money.


She isn’t sure, but doesn’t want anyone to know about the money, especially Eli, because things have been weird since she decided to stay with Drew.  He assures her things will work out, but gets upset when she considers getting her own place.


She then changes topics to see how she can avoid paying taxes.

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The next day at work, Gabby is badgering Norma, who says she has no money. They are both surprised to see Gina working, especially since she now has money. She tries to make Norma feel comfortable, but Norma is in a mood.


Gina sends Gabby to get Norma medicine for her hip. Norma wants to know what it feels like being rich. Gina says she feels confused, especially since she was left the money in the first place. Norma reminds her that she took time to listen to and take care of Mr. Kneuden. Gina insists she was just doing his job, but Norma says she knows they cared for one another and that means a lot to people in the home.


Drew goes to get a refund on his burial plot. The manager tells him that he can get half his refund, which Drew thinks is ridiculous.


As the manager goes to get the paperwork, Eli calls because he thinks Gina has been acting odd. Drew tells him to break it off when he sees a couple wanting to buy a plot. He hangs up and begins a sale pitch.


Gina is at home after a shopping spree, but still isn’t happy. She ends up having a melt down because shopping didn’t make her happy.


Drew comforts her and lets her cry. At that moment, Eli calls her, wanting to take her on a weekend getaway to reconnect. She agrees and then thanks Drew for letting her vent.


The episode ends with Drew going to Gideon’s to talk about how he is in love with Gina.

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