Big Brother All Stars Recap for 10/22/2020: Who Is In The Final Three?

Tonight is the final eviction on CBS’s Big Brother All Stars before the finale next week. Nicole and Christmas are on the block, with Cody casting the sole vote to evict. Both ladies want to get on his good side, but what will he end up doing? We are about to find out!


Enzo wants to save Christmas and even tells her to throw him under the bus if necessary to get Cody to vote their way. However, Cody and Nicole are pretty tight and she is working on a way to make sure he keeps her in the house.


Later on, Enzo and Cody talk about what to do, giving the pros and cons of saving each lady. Cody knows that if Nicole wins, she will take him to the end and he seems confident he can beat her.


Christmas tries to get in Cody’s ear about the triple eviction debacle in hopes of saving herself. However, he begins to wonder if he is safe next week after all due to everything he has been hearing about Enzo and Nicole.


Nicole, for her part, thinks she has it in the bag, but Cody tries to make her think she is being evicted. Now she is stressing out about the eviction.


Jury time. Everyone wonders who will be joining them in the house. They are all surprised when Memphis comes in. He fills them in on what has been happening and we get to see his eviction. Everyone thinks that if Nicole gets rid of Cody, she deserves her second win….or whomever gets rid of him deserves to win.

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Eviction time. After some final speeches from Christmas and Nicole, Cody evicts Christmas, who goes out of the house to talk to Julie and see her goodbye videos, which look more like confessions.


Instead of an HOH comp, we get special messages from home for the final three. It is actually cute, especially with Cody’s kids!


More coming soon, stay tuned!

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