The Church of Mike: Late Breaking News

Jasper Cole and Jennifer Bassey To Star in Drama Podcast, “The Church of Mike” From “Bones” Producer David Jeffery and Actor/Producer Lance Paul

Veteran character actors Jasper Cole (“MacGruber”) and Jennifer Bassey (“All My Children”) are set to star in serialized drama podcast, “The Church of Mike” from Ginger Knight Films. 
In The Church of Mike, “Mike MacAuley” (Cole) is ex-hitman turned minister on the run from Chicago’s Polish mob, who seeks redemption as the pastor of a small town church, only to be blackmailed into moon lighting for a local crime boss. “Mike” sees his current situation with a sense of humor, and views it framed by religion, morality, and delusion in the land of God, Guns and Good ol ’ boys. “Mike” does more than just riff on religion, though that is at play for him since it is woven into the fabric of the lives of the townsfolk.  “Mike” struggles with questions deeper than which god to pray to and the normal questions people attempt to answer through religion: What is our purpose? Why are we here? Is there a perfect place for us in the universe where everything just clicks? “Mike” is on a journey of self discovery. “All My Children” matriarch Jennifer Bassey will play, ‘Jan MacAuley,’ Mike’s opinionated, controlling mother.
The Church of Mike cast also includes, horror icon Bill Oberst Jr, (Criminal Minds), Jeff Kober (Sons of Anarchy, General Hospital), and Darrel Larson (Law & Order).
After wrapping co-producing duties for “Queen of the South,” David Jeffery and creator/writer/director Charles Andrew began developing a pilot for a new gritty television series but were sidelined when the pandemic hit. With the future of production uncertain, they and producer Lance Paul of Ginger Knight films re-worked the pilot into an hour-long dramatic podcast, THE CHURCH OF MIKE. Jeffery will Executive Produce with Cole and Paul as Producers.
The series will bow on digital platforms this Fall and is currently in production.
Cole, Bassey and Paul are repped by Newman-Thomas Management.
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