Real Housewives of Beverly Hills S10, E14: Remorse in Rome

We are on episode fourteen of this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. When we last left our ladies, Denise told the ladies that Brandi claimed to have sex with one of the other ladies.

Teddi and Lisa think she is lying, but Dorit thinks the ladies want to believe the worst in Denise. Garcelle wants Denise to stand up for herself.

Lisa keeps telling her to own it, and if she wants to go then leave. Denise says Lisa is being rude, while Garcelle wonders why they are taking Brandi’s side. Kyle says that they aren’t taking sides, while Teddi has her guard up.

They move over to the bar, where the conversation to continues. Erika asks if Denise was saying she was cold. Denise says it was all Brandi who was doing the trash talking….although she agrees in her confessional.

Nobody knows what to believe, so Garcelle changes the subject to Lisa and how her body image impacts her daughters, especially her near nude dancing on Instagram. Lisa says this did not cause Amelia’s anorexia and feels that she is being shamed. Teddi says to be fair, it could have been caused by many things.

They decide to leave because everyone is upset.

Teddi and Erika go to the spa, while Sutton and Garcelle go to Mass, Kyle and Dorit go shopping and Lisa and Lisa have breakfast.

Denise and Lisa talk…..and Denise calls her out on her BS. Lisa then attacks her, saying not to tit for tat for her anymore. They go back and forth and Denise says that Lisa is not acting like a friend and that she is very hurt. Lisa cries and feels that she failed her.They hug it out and vow to be better friends to each other. Afterward, they head off to church.

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Teddi and Erika enjoy the spa, while Dorit and Kyle go riding.

Lisa tells Denise, Sutton and Garcelle she wants to go back to her true self as they head to church. They discuss religion and then Lisa randomly tells a story of Harry Hamlin having a baby with another woman.

Lisa meets Kyle and Dorit for lunch and tells them about her time with Denise and how she feels bad. She also says she is a fixer, which is why she acted how she did. They talk it out and agree to be honest. They also hope Denise tells the truth.

At dinner, Denise goes at the women with both barrels, letting them know how they make her feel bad and attacked. She feels like she is in Mean Girls, which upsets Teddi.

Garcelle gets up to get some air, then Denise decides to leave. The two of them talk about it outside and Garcelle is glad she is finally standing up for herself. However, she knows there is more brewing underneath.

Denise tries to find her car and is told by some producer dude she is making a mistake. He convinces her to go back in and she says she wants to move past this. They manage to have a nice dinner and tell more bad teenage and sex stories. Everyone is glad they are getting along and enjoying the rest of the trip.

More next week, stay tuned.

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