America’s Got Talent Recap for 8/12/2020: Who Moved On?

Tonight is the very first results show for this season of America’s Got Talent. Only five acts will move to the next round…and with the competition so fierce, it is truly anyone’s game.

After a recap of last night’s show, we get down to business.

The acts in the bottom three are Feng E, Double Dragons and Brett Loudermilk. The can be saved by the Dunkin’ Vote.

We get some more behind the scenes stuff and then finally get to the first elimination of the night.

Archie Williams, Bello and Annaliese and Michael Yo are called to the stage. The first act in the semifinals is…..Archie Williams! The other two are eliminated.

Mat Franco is back to do a magic act with Kelly and Heidi. He is every bit as amazing (and handsome) as he was back when he won the show in 2015. WOW.

After more behind the scenes stuff, we get to more eliminations.

Frenchiebabyy and Shaquira are the next to find out their fate. The act moving on to the semi finals is…..Shaquira!

Roberta, Pork Chop Revue and Simon and Maria are the next to find out where they stand. The act going into the semi-finals is……Roberta!


Kodi Lee performs and as always, he makes me cry. He is just so incredible and inspirational.


Now for more results….the act saved by the Dunkin’ Save is…….Brett Loudermilk!


The judges must now decide if they want to save Double Dragon or Feng E.


Heidi chooses to save Double Dragon.

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Sofia chooses to save Double Dragon.

Kelly chooses to save Feng E.

Howie chooses to save Double Dragon.


Join us next week for more.

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