Big Brother All Stars Recap for 8/30/3030: Who Won HOH?

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother continues with the HOH competition. Da’Vonne, Ian , Enzo and Kaysar are in group one and attempting to make it into the final round. To refresh, the competition is to roll balls on a ramp to the highest score. Kaysar wants to win more than anything, while Tyler wants Enzo or Kevin to win so he is guaranteed safety. Kaysar, David and Enzo move to the next round.


Dani says she only voted to evict Kaysar to cause drama and hopes nobody puts two and two together.


Dani, Cody, Kevin, Memphis, Bayleigh and Christmas are in the second round. Dani quickly advances, followed by Kevin and Cody.


The final round is Dani, Cody, Kevin, Kaysar, David and Enzo. It is a close call, but Enzo ends up with the win.


Cody questions Dani about her vote in the eviction. She denies throwing it, but Cody thinks she is lying and goes to tell Enzo about it, not knowing he also voted to save Janelle.


Bayleigh and Da’Vonne question who did vote to save Janelle and realize they could be blamed for it, especially since everyone is denying it….excpet David, who can’t even answer the question.


Da’Vonne and Kaysar talk about Black Lives Matter and how being minorities impacted their lives. Kaysar says that is part of why he came back, to bring attention to these topics and set an example of courage.


The new Have Nots are Tyler (chosen by Enzo), Da’Vonne (chosen by Cody) and Dani (chosen by Bayleigh).

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Dani and Nicole are still in an alliance, even though Nicole seems to be more loyal to Cody.


Enzo talks to Kaysar and although he likes him and could work with him, is still considering putting him on the block.


Christmas and Enzo make a deal to protect each other and she tells him Nicole is making alliances with Ian and Dani.


Nomination time! Kevin and Kaysar are on the block due to the fact that they haven’t talked game with him.


POV Wednesday, stay tuned.

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