Big Brother All Stars Recap for 8/23/2020: Who Is On The Block?

Tonight we begin week three of Big Brother All Stars on CBS. When we last left off, Nicole A was evicted and Tyler became HOH. Now his job is to put two people on the block for eviction. As of right now, he has his eyes on Kaysar and Janelle due to the way they acted last week.


Tyler, Dani, Cody, Enzo, Da’Vonne and Bayleigh create an alliance called the Slick Six. Cody thinks that while this is a good alliance to have, there is no real blood loyalty. Da’Vonne thinks this guarantees her safety for the week.


The new Have Nots are chosen: Enzo (chosen by David) , Janelle (chosen by Nicole), Cody(chosen by Kaysar) and Bayleigh (chosen by Christmas).


Nicole and Janelle are in a tiff because Nicole thinks Janelle likes to talk about her and Janelle thinks Nicole is a snake who plays the victim while stabbing people in the back.


Janelle and Kaysar, whose bond is as strong as ever, realize they cannot use the Safety Suite and hope Memphis saves one of them if he uses it and wins this week. However, he has no plans on winning it on a count that he will have to choose between two alliances. Janelle begins to sense something is up when he refuses to make eye contact. However, despite being a target, she knows she and Kaysar are a strong team.


Tyler and Dani talk about being between two alliances and how they can use Da’Vonne to their advantage. Da’Vonne, for her part wants Dani to pick her for her plus one so that she can be guaranteed safety….and wear the costume. Dani quickly blabs this to Tyler.

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Dani, Enzo, Nicole and Memphis all play for the Safety Suite, which consists of them avoiding laser shots while getting through the room. Memphis plans to lose on purpose, but still comes in third with a score of 14:33. Nicole comes in fourth with a score of 15:36, Dani was in second with a score of 6:04 and Enzo won with a final score of 4:41. He decides to keep his promise and save Christmas. Janell realizes Memphis threw the competition, while Da’Vonne is upset about not being guaranteed safety.


Tyler thinks about who to put on the block. Both Janelle and Kaysar try to convince him why they should stay. However, he decides to put them both on the block, telling them that he would be on the block if the roles were reversed and because they tried to flip the previous evictions.


More Wednesday, stay tuned.

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