Killing Eve: What You Missed This Week

It’s the fourth episode of Killing Eve, and boy have we been wondering what will happen after that dramatic moment between Eve and Villanelle in last week’s episode! We’re about to find out…
Season one of the show saw Eve first getting to know the ins and outs of MI-6 and its pursuit of assassins sent by a mysterious organization known as the Twelve. Among these assassins, the charismatic and reckless Villanelle attracts Eve’s attencion. The two begin a globe trotting game of cat and mouse that doesn’t cease till Villanelle shoots Eve in a fit of jaded love at the end of season two. This season finds Eve trying to pick up the pieces of her life and solve the murder of Kenny, and Villanelle fighting to claim a higher possition in the Twelve. Yet, the two can’t avoid each other for long and in “Meetings Have Biscuits” their dramatic dance finally culminates in a kiss.
The episode opens with a glimpse into the new life of Niko. Eve’s estranged husband has returned to his home town in Poland and hasn’t yet answered any of his wife’s texts.
The focus shifts to Eve, who has spent an uncomfortable night at the Bitter Pill office. As she is attempting unsuccessfully to freshen up, she gets a text from Niko stating that he’s ready to talk.
Eve and Bear are trying to find a connection between the recent murders that occured in Spain, when she receives a mysterious cake delivery. Eve, realizing with dread who sent the confection, opens the box and finds that it is decorated to look like a bus. Villanelle is clearly smug about their last meeting where they shared a kiss on a London shuttle bus. In a fit of emotion, Eve hurls the suggary symbol, box and all, off of the roof.
Jamie appears and wryly reprimands her for camping out on the office couch, offering to let her bunk at his house. That night, the two of them open up about their struggles and bond over the tragedies they have caused. Jamie tells Eve to remember that she’s not the only one who has done terrible things and states that it’s always about choices.
Before going to sleep, Eve gets another text from Niko, a selfie of him looking content in his hometown.
The next morning, Eve and Bear link Villanelle’s murder of the Catalonia woman with the one exicuted by Dasha in 1974. Eve realizes that the latter might be able to lead them to The Twelve. As she is explaining this to Jamie, she is distracted by a text from

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Niko. He’s asking if she’s serious about talking with him. Eve makes a split second decision and jumps into a taxi, headed for Poland, to save their love.
The scene abruptly cuts to Konstantine who is visiting his daughter Irina at her school in Moscow. The spunky girl criticizes her father of not having a plan for the future and storms off.
Konstantine carries his dark mood with him as he visits Mrs. Kruger, who is very shaken by her late husband’s assassination. She explains that Charels had instructed her to send an email containing a file to a mysterious address if anything “happened” to him. Konstantine persuades her to send the email to him instead.
We cut back to earlier that day in Barcelona where Villanelle is having a blast in her apartment, dancing around as she decorates a cake. Dasha visits and reveals that the Twelve are thinking of promoting Villanelle but warns the assassin be on her best behavior and refrain from traveling anywhere.
Elated by the news, Villanelle goes out shopping where she is found by Konstantine who, in a moment of petty revenge, sneaks up and scares her. Konstantine reveals that he has found Villinelle’s elusive family but asks her to do a favor for him in return.
We find out what this favor is when Villanelle poses as a gardener for Mrs. Kruger. The anguished woman breaks down while instructing Villanelle to take care of her husband’s roses and tearfully embraces the disguised assassin. Villanelle had presumably been about to kill the woman with a pair of garden shears but the opportunity is lost when she suddenly hiccups. Seeing this, Mrs. Kruger comedically tries to scare the hiccups away and the two playfully chase each other around the garden until Villanelle abruptly strangles the widow with a garden hose.
Carolyn has managed to win her office back from her repulsively smug boss. When she gets home, she is confronted by a miserable Geraldine who is frustrated that her mother won’t open up about her grief. Despite her stoicism though, it is obvious that Carolyn is still devastated about Kenny’s death.
We switch the final vignette – Dasha. The Russian assassin is smoking in a pool and doing laps when she is approached by a well dressed woman. This fashionable stranger is working for the twelve and instructs Dasha to drive a wedge between Villinelle and Eve.

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It becomes clear that this meeting occurred before everything else in the episode. Dasha’s plan centers around murdering Niko and framing Villanelle. In the last few minutes of the episode, we learn that it was Dasha who sent Eve the texts from Niko’s phone, urging her to drive all the way to Poland. When Eve turns up Dasha is ready. She has orchestrated her crime to look like the work of Villanelle, attaching a message reading “Still Got It” to a pitchfork and then stabbing Niko with the tool from her hiding spot behind a barn door. Eve only has time to wave before her husband is murdered in front of her. The last piece of her life has been shattered.
In the final scene, Villanelle is standing at a dusty train stop. She has finally reached her “home” and sets off to find her family.

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