Celebrity Spotlight: Christian Kane 

Dean Devlin

Christian Kane is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood today. He was heartthrob in the nineties and like a fine wine, he has only gotten better with age.

Now the Angel alum is back and better than ever in his new series Almost Paradise. He plays Alex Walker, a retired DEA agent who moves to the Philippines in hopes of retiring. However, life has other plans when he ends up back in action. 

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, Christian opened up about the show, his appreciation for his fans and more. Below are some of the highlights from our chat. 

1. Christian compared working on the show to winning the lottery. While he could not give too much away as to what we can expect, he said that Alex ends up involved in a case which ironically makes him relax more than being retired. For Alex, working is what is his norm and what brings him peace, so it is easy for him to slip back into that world. 

2.  His favorite part about filming was being on location. He loves that it is one of the first American shows to be filmed in the Philippines and that it is introducing a new vibe to television. He thinks that viewers will enjoy it and hopes it will convince people to travel there once things calm down. 

3. Christian says that the biggest challenge is the fact that he has never played a character like this before. However, he had worked with Dean in the past, so it made working on the show that much better. He also credits the writing team, hard work and luck for making things easier for him.  He is duly enjoying the experience and looks forward to what will happen with his character and show in the future.

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4. In addition to the show, Christian is hard at work on some other projects. He hints that one of them is something that his fans will enjoy and be very happy to see. However, at this point, it is a super secret project and you will need to stay tuned to find out more!

5. He has nothing but love and gratitude for his fans, affectionately called Kane-iacs. He says he would not be where he is today without them and thanks them from the bottom of his heart. 

Check back for more news on Christian!

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