Murdoch Mysteries; Meet Yannick Bisson

Yannick Bisson talks to TVGrapevine about his life, career and more in an exclusive interview.

Tell me about yourself and career.
I’m a Canadian actor that got started pretty early on …13-years-old I started auditioning in Toronto and have been doing films, series, commercials, animation and radio campaigns for 37-ish years.
How would you describe your character on Murdoch Mysteries?
William is a guy with exceptional talents and a unique way of thinking that has caused him to use early forensic techniques to help him solve crimes. 
How do you think he has evolved since the beginning?
The big evolution William has been his outlook. He started out quite buttoned down and somewhat black-and-white in his views. As time has gone by he has started seeing different points of view and how society’s opinions rule the fate of some people. This has softened him to a degree. He will always do his job but has much more empathy and understanding of what’s going on around him. 
How do you feel knowing you’ve reached a milestone 200 episodes?
We thought we had a pretty good reason to celebrate when we hit 100….
Now here we are at 200…? It’s been a heck of a journey, at times tough, at times bliss, but always and I mean always an absolutely incredible privilege. 
How has the show changed since the beginning?
There haven’t been many changes, the formula/format has been pretty much since the beginning. The only exceptions are the addition of top notch supporting cast to help us deepen character development. This has made a big difference for me by affording me the odd day off lol 
What can we expect to see in the episode?
One of the (many) things that has made this show an international success is that we’ve always been at the cutting edge of scientific advancement and the minds that have made this possible. The 200th episode brings many of history’s greatest minds (and also some of our favorite actors) back to solve a huge caper. 
What do you want to see happen on the show and with your character in the future?
That’s a tough one to answer. Each year I’m amazed by what the team comes up with…I can’t even imagine what will come next.
What else are you working on? 
I just filmed a week on an independent film “Anything for Jackson “ 
Tell me a fun fact about yourself.
I memorize 6-10 pages of dialogue per day by myself each day. Every actor you work with has a different way of doing things but I’ve noticed that I do that part best on my own. I’ve been told that I’m a Kinesthetic learner (context and physical, special sense) and therefore sitting and trying to ram dialogue into my skull is very difficult. May explain why I had trouble focusing in school hahaha.
What are you watching on TV these days?
My last few shows have been the Madalorian and the round of award nominee films of course.
Anything else you want to share?
It’s been a landmark year to be sure,  we obviously have all of the writers to thank and our incredibly tenacious producer Christina Jennings.


Catch all new back to back episodes of “Murdoch Mysteries” Saturdays at 7:00 p.m. ET on Ovation TV. And don’t miss the 200th episode of the series airing Saturday, March 7. 
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