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Aye B Releases New Music

By Sammi Turano Feb 24, 2020 #Aye b #music
Aye B
LOS ANGELES, CA, February 4th, 2020/ — Hot new rapper Ashley Brinton aka Aye B who is known for her hit performance on #1 TV show Below Deck, has taken the Rap world by storm in 2020 with her newly released single “One Day” produced by Casanova. Recently Aye B debuted her current single “One Day” on The Doctors TV Show.
Aye B at just 18 years old, is such a young super talent, that she produced One Day in her home recording studio! She writes and co-writes her own tracks and just completed her sexy new music video for “One Day” in a hotel in Las Vegas where she was set to perform.  

When asked what the inspiration for this track were, Aye B exclaimed, “I was inspired to create ‘One Day’ through an experience I witnessed. A guy fell in love with girl who was addicted to drugs and because of his love for her he also got really heavily involved in the drug scene.  I feel the song expresses how much people you care about can influence you. 
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By Sammi Turano

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