The Bachelor: Fantasy Suites and Revelations

The bachelor

It is FANTASY SUITE WEEK on ABC’s The Bachelor! The final three girls—Madison, Hannah Ann and Victoria will go to Australia with Peter for some much awaited time off camera. We left off with Madi taking Peter aside to talk about how she wants to save herself until marriage.

Off topic, her jumpsuit is super cute.

She understandably has a hard time telling him,  leaving him a bit confused and scared until she finally tells him she would find it difficult to deal with if he sleeps with other girls. However, it is confusing because she keeps beating around the bush. 

He says he feels good about them, but it isn’t clear if he isn’t going to be intimate with the other girls. He says he told her before he is in love with Madi, but knows there are two other girls there that he is dating. 

The three girls are living together now too? WTF? Seriously, this screams awkward.  

Hannah Ann has the first date. They go jet skiing and make out. They also talk about the situation he is in now and how he is stressed about all of this. They make out again. 

The night time portion of the date consists of dinner, talking about the hometown dates and where they stand in their relationship. This leads to them going into the Fantasy Suite, which looks like the Contemporary in Disney. Lovely,but not romantic. 

Victoria and Madi discuss her conversation with Peter….it’s very uncomfortable. They also wonder what Hannah Ann and Peter are doing, which is kind of creepy. 

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Hannah Ann comes back and I have so much secondhand embarrassment and I cannot even…..

Did they call her sis?

Victoria gets the next date and he has her back. They go on a helicopter ride to explore everything. They make out and he says he loves the fire and passion they have together. He just wishes they can communicate better. 

They discuss the communication issue at dinner and she admits she is the way she is due to past relationships. I get it, I really do….she just needs to let go and work on communicating. (I should learn how to do this too….but that is another story.) He thinks they are finally making progress.  

Off to the fantasy suite they go….and it just looks like my apartment when I decorate. They apparently had a very good time. She thinks he is her person and sees a future with him. 

Madi tells Hannah Ann her feelings about this week and she thinks it is madness.  Victoria comes home and they act sweet to her, but this is so painful to watch. 

Madi gets her date and they go on the Skypoint to rappel. It is about letting go of fears or something and she feels safe with him. 

Victoria and Hannah Ann discuss the Madi situation and they feel as if she is giving Peter an ultimatum. They think it is unfair, especially Victoria. 

At dinner, she tells him she is saving herself for marriage and he respects her, but he does not believe in the same. She tells him she can’t wrap her mind around him being intimate with other women.

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Neither one of them are comfortable with this, but he admits he was intimate. She excuses herself and this is just so painful to watch. He finally comes to her and holds her as she cries.He apologizes….but is it for hurting her or for sleeping with the other women?

He doesn’t want her to leave and seems to want to work though it….but she walks away….and we will find out more next week, during the Women Tell All.

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