Linden Ashby

Linden Ashby Takes on Double Duty With New Movie 

Linden Ashby has been a staple on TV for several years. He has starred in Teen Wolf, Melrose Place and countless Lifetime movies. He impresses viewers with every performance and always leaves them captivated. 

Now the handsome talent is taking on double duty in a new Lifetime movie, set to premiere on New Years Day. He is starring and directing Escaping My d that he loved doing both tasks. Not only did it allow him to try something new (directing his first Lifetime movie) but it reunited him with Pierre David and Ken Sanders, two men he considers to friends as well as colleagues.He loved being able to work with both men and calls them  good, loyal men. He also loved working with Alexandra and Ezmie, calling them both incredible,extraordinary actresses and women. 

He is also currently working on other projects on Lifetime,as well as the new season of Trinkets on Netflix. He is grateful for every opportunity and always remains humble, sweet and kind, making him a legend in his own right.

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