America’s Got Talent: The Second Round of Live Shows

Last night was the second round of live shows on NBC’s America’s Got Talent. Twelve more acts competed and seven of them will move to the semifinals.Terry Crews hosts, while Julianne Hough, Howie Mandel, Simon Cowell and Gabrielle Union judge. 

This is going to be short and sweet since my cable was on the fritz due to a thunderstorm. 

Charlotte Summers: Singer

She has a sweet, cute voice and I know she has good things coming. However, this song (Diamonds are Forever) was not a very good choice for her. 

The judges agree, but think she has some wonderful talent. Julianne even compares her to Jessie J. 

Nick and Lindsay: Opera and Danger Act

Um….they channel Johnny Cash and throw knives. That is basically the nicest thing I can say about that. 

They get buzzed by Simon and Howie, while Julianne says it was so bad it was good. 

Chris Klafford: Singer

He sings an original song dedicated to his grandmother. I personally think he is sweet and he kind of reminds me of my one musician friend, who also happens to be named Chris. 

The judges are on the fence. Julianne thinks he needed a band until halfway through, while Simon and Howie wanted more. Gabrielle says she enjoyed it.

Marina Mazepa: Contortionist

WOW…..I am in pain watching her do those moves. I have to say, it is amazing and very interesting to watch. She is freakishly flexible and somehow manages to add her personality to the performance, making it that much better. 

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Simon isn’t a fan, but Howie, Julianne and Gabrielle think it was great.

Robert Finley: Singer

He is a Vietnam vet who lost his eyesight due to glaucoma. I am in awe with this performance, as I am with every one he has done so far. He has such a special gift and I truly hope he makes it to the finals.

Gabrielle thinks he is a gift to us all, while Simon says he got a standing ovation. Howie wonders if the kids watching will connect. Julianne wants to be baptized into the church of Robert Finley.

The Sentimentalists: Mentalist Act (Wildcard)

They bring Howie on stage to have him participate in an eating guessing game? I am so confused by this. 

The judges agree this is sloppy and a messy act.

Ryan Niemiller: Comedian

He is hysterical and right now my favorite act of the night. He jokes about trailers and resolutions and has some sort of cute charm about him that makes me smile. 

The judges think he will be in the semi finals and agree this is something he as born to do.

V. Unbeatable: Dance Troupe (Dwayne Wade’s Golden Buzzer)

WOW. Just when I thought they couldn’t top their last performance, we get this. I am in awe and my jaw is on the floor the entire time. My guess is that they are definitely moving on to the next round.

The judges are just as impressed. Julianne even says that clapping for them isn’t enough to show how good it was. 

Joseph Allen: Singer (Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer)

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He also does an original song and it is quite good, but I worry it might not be enough to keep him here. There are a lot of decent acts and I’m afraid he might get lost in the shuffle. 

Howie thinks he is a shining light, while the girls love him. Simon thinks he is unremarkable tonight.

Light Balance Kids: Light Act (Ellie Kemper’s Golden Buzzer)

They do a skeleton theme and I quite enjoy it. I am a sucker for these kind of acts and they did not disappoint. 

Simon wasn’t impressed, but Howie and the girls loved it and thinks they topped their last act.

Tyler Butler Figueroa :Violinist (Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer)

He is a cancer survivor who plays for patients in the hospital. I cannot stop crying over this performance. He is not only talented, but a true inspiration.

The judges agree that he is inspirational and hope he makes it to the finals. 

Ndvlou Youth Choir: Singing Group

WOW. What a way to end the night. They are uplifting, beautiful and again bring tears to my eyes. their rendition of It’s A Beautiful Day can even put U2 to shame. Again….WOW.

The judges think they are inspirational, with Howie declaring them the window of the world. 

Results tonight. Stay tuned.

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