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Investigation Discovery Announces Summer and Fall 2019 Schedule

(New York, NY) – In a move to further establish itself as a leader in true-crime and mystery content across both linear and digital platforms, Investigation Discovery, America’s leading true-crime television network, has announced its upcoming lineup of digital programming for Summer and Fall of 2019.  Never-before-seen offerings include both original series as well as digital short-form pieces made to accompany linear programs. New and returning original digital series include THE MISSING, CRIME OBSESSION WITH TRACI STUMPF (Season 2), THE DARK SIDE OF (Season 2) and CAUGHT ON CAMERA: THE UNTOLD STORIES. ID will also release companion series for linear premieres including IMPACT OF MURDER: AFTER THE STATEMENT, KOHLHEPP UNCUT: THE DEVIL SPEAKS, and VALLEY OF THE DAMNED: DIGGING DEEPER. The digital series will meet the fans where they are, across the IDGo app, the ID Facebook page and in some instances, Instagram TV and ID’s YouTube channel.


“At ID we tell intricate, often incredibly detailed stories,” says Kevin Bennett, General Manager of Investigation Discovery and American Heroes Channel and Executive Vice President of programming for ID, AHC, and Destination America. “Our viewers have an insatiable appetite for more information and greater details, so with our wide range of digital series, we can delve deeper into the narratives that we cover on our network and also explore cases that we aren’t able to cover on television.”

More details on each series is below:


IMPACT OF MURDER: AFTER THE STATEMENTnew episodes released weekly on IDGo following linear airings of IMPACT OF MURDER, the first episode will be released on July 19th at 11 PM ET/10 PM CT

The process of writing and reading a statement in court is an incredibly emotional and powerful experience. IMPACT OF MURDER: AFTER THE STATEMENT reveals new reflections on this life-changing undertaking. Each digital episode focuses on a case from the television series, sitting in with the lead contributor as they describe how their life has been affected since they stood in court and addressed a killer.

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KOHLHEPP UNCUT: THE DEVIL SPEAKSall episodes released on IDGo and ID’s Facebook page the final night of the linear airings of SERIAL KILLER: DEVIL UNCHAINED, the first episode will be released August 5th at 11PM ET/10 PM CT

This series gives viewers of SERIAL KILLER: DEVIL UNCHAINED special access to uncut conversations with notorious serial killer Todd Kohlhepp. With never-before-seen footage of Kohlhepp as he gives unfiltered insight into his life and crimes via interrogation footage, and 39+ hours of investigative interviews, recorded calls and personal narrative material from Todd, viewers will be able to understand the brain of a murderer like never before.


VALLEY OF THE DAMNED: DIGGING DEEPERnew episodes released weekly on IDGo following linear airings of VALLEY OF THE DAMNED, the first episode will be released September 3rd at 11 PM ET/10 PM CT

From suspicious relationships to final memories, there is always more to the story than what is seen on television. VALLEY OF THE DAMNED: DIGGING DEEPER explores additional details and moments that weren’t featured on the show, inviting the audience to look closer at each story. The series will present fresh information and theories, showcasing previously unseen footage and audio as well as never-before-seen interviews.


THE MISSINGfirst five episodes were released on IDGo on July 12th, the next five episodes will be released on IDGo August 2nd

THE MISSING is an original true-crime series that investigates tragic missing persons cases through the lens of the friends and family members who have dedicated their lives to finding answers. Viewers will hear the heart-wrenching stories of those who have gone missing from the loved ones left behind. Episodes will conclude with a call to action for viewers who just might have the key to unlock the mystery.

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CRIME OBSESSION WITH TRACI STUMPF (Season 2) – new episodes premiere weekly on ID’s Facebook page, starting in August

Everyone has a little bit of “crime-junkie” in them. Whether we do it in secret or not, we devour the cases, watch the shows, and listen to the podcasts. Rarely do we talk about it…until now!  CRIME OBSESSION WITH TRACI STUMPF is a talk show dedicated to the fans of true crime, and Season 2 is back with new episodes! Each week, an expert joins Traci to dive into a different true crime topic. From the latest news stories to the classic cases we all know, CRIME OBSESSION is the talk show for true crime, all the time.


THE DARK SIDE OF (Season 2) –  five episodes will be released on IDGo in October

In the investigative series THE DARK SIDE OF, viewers follow Emmy Award-winning journalist Charlie Berens as he delves into worlds with hidden sinister sides. He meets with people who share their personal stories about realities we often never hear about, covering accounts of abuse, neglect and near-death-experiences. In Season 2, viewers reach out to Charlie  with  their  stories  about  ridesharing, arranged marriages, adoption and more.  With no expectation of what is to come, the audience will follow along with Charlie as he unveils the truth and terror behind these shocking tales.


CAUGHT ON CAMERA: THE UNTOLD STORIESpremiering in November 2019 on IDGo

There is nothing like the drama of “caught on camera” crimes. People click on them, share them, and watch them over and over. But sometimes they leave people with more questions than answers. What went through the victim’s mind when they saw the tape? And most crucially, what happened after the tape stopped rolling? Did this viral video ultimately help find the perpetrator and lead to justice being served? In this IDGo original series, viewers can explore all the fascinating mysteries swirling around the most unbelievable “caught on camera” crimes.

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