TBS to Celebrate Seinfeld’s 30th Anniversary


On Friday, July 5, TBS is honoring 30 Years of Seinfeld with 30 classic episodes.

The linear schedule is below.

6:00 AM – “The Chinese Restaurant”

Jerry, Elaine and George need reservations at a Chinese restaurant.

6:30 AM – “The Pen”

Jerry accepts a gift his parents wanted him to refuse.

7:00 AM – “The Parking Garage”

Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer lose their car in a mall parking garage.

7:30 AM – “The Red Dot”

Elaine’s alcoholic boyfriend resumes drinking; Jerry is the unwitting cause.

8:00 AM – “The Subway”

The friends encounter adventure on the subway.

8:30 AM – “The Pitch”

Network executives ask Jerry to create a show. Jerry tries to evade a vengeful writer. George woos an executive.

9:00 AM – “The Bubble Boy”

Jerry gets lost en route to visiting a sickly fan.

9:30 AM – “The Contest”

Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine vie at self-denial.

10:00 AM – “The Implant”

Elaine says Jerry’s girlfriend has implants so he dumps her.

10:30 AM – “The Junior Mint”

Visitors Kramer and Jerry think they killed a surgery patient.

11:00 AM – “The Puffy Shirt”

Jerry appears on the Today Show wearing a silly shirt.

11:30 AM – “The Marine Biologist”

George poses as a marine biologist.

12:00 PM – “The Opposite”

George learns success lies in doing the opposite of what he would normally do.

12:30 PM – “The Hamptons”

Jerry’s girlfriend sees George naked during a weekend at the beach.

1:00 PM – “The Big Salad”

Kramer helps an athlete wanted for a brutal crime flee police.

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1:30 PM – “The Fusilli Jerry”

A mechanic pal uses Jerry’s romantic techniques on Elaine.

2:00 PM – “The Soup Nazi”

Jerry’s favorite soup vendor won’t serve his new girlfriend.

2:30 PM – “The Sponge”

Elaine considers intimacy with her new boyfriend.

3:00 PM – “The Rye”

George’s and Susan’s parents have dinner together for the first time.

3:30 PM – “The Invitations”

George searches for a way to stop his impending nuptials.

4:00 PM – “The Bizarro Jerry”

Elaine’s soon-to-be former beau has two friends who resemble George and Kramer.

4:30 PM – “The Little Kicks”

Kramer’s friend forces Jerry to perform an illegal activity.

5:00 PM – “The Chicken Roaster”

A celebrity opens a chicken restaurant in Jerry’s neighborhood.

5:30 PM – “The Abstinence”

George benefits when his new girlfriend’s illness requires their abstinence.

6:00 PM – “The Comeback”

Jerry joins a tennis club; a co-worker’s insults test George.

6:30 PM – “The Yada Yada”

George realizes his girlfriend’s slang may leave out vital information.

7:00 PM – “The Serenity Now”

Jerry’s new girlfriend encourages him to express his emotions.

7:30 PM – “The Merv Griffin Show”

Jerry dates a toy collector; Kramer thinks he finds a TV show’s furniture set.

8:00 PM – “The Strike”

George’s father invents a new holiday; Kramer returns to work at the bagel shop.

8:30 PM – “The Frogger”

Elaine eats Peterman’s cake; Kramer helps George steal an arcade game.

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