The Bachelor Recap for 3/4/19

We are now on the ninth episode of ABC’s The Bachelor. Tonight, Colton Underwood will take the remaining three girls—Tayshia, Cassie and Hannah G—to the fantasy suites to possibly lose his virginity. This is also the night where he jumps the fence. Let’s see what happens.

We open with Chris Harrison and Colton having ‘the fantasy suite’ talk. There is so much awkwardness between that and the girls wondering what will happen next….I don’t even know what to say. I am seriously embarrassed for all of them. WOW…..

He finally comes back to the girls to tell them that they are heading to Algarve, Portugal. However, in his ITM interview, he is more excited about the fantasy suites. Of course he is.

Each girl reminisces about her journey with Colton before we get to the dating portion of the night.

Tayshia gets the first date. She hopes there are a lot of firsts between them….yeah, I see what you did there. They go on a helicopter ride, which makes a reference to extra virgin olive oil and allows them to explore the city. I don’t know who this dude they are talking to is, but it is a lot more interesting than what is happening on the plane.

They land by some water and enjoy each other’s company over a glass of wine. The talk about he fantasy suite date and he is actually more excited about the time together without cameras than he is about losing his virginity. Then there is a joke about his legs and pants being too tight and—ENOUGH ALREADY! We get it, he might lose his virginity. She keeps making it seem like all she wants is to be the one to take it and….again, ENOUGH!

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The two of them enjoy a romantic dinner with talking and win. They actually have a deep conversation about sex and her past relationship with her husband. It’s is sweet bonding moment. They then get the fantasy suite card and decide to spend the night together. They pop champagne and make out….and then get gets out the do not disturb card.

The next morning,we find out that they had a nice conversation and that it was interesting. They also didn’t have sex, based on what she said about there being no physical intimacy. She leaves and says there is nothing to do but wait at this point. He isn’t there with her yet in terms of feelings, but hopes it will happen.

Cassie gets the next date. They explore, eating basically enjoy each other’s company. He says he is falling hard for her, but is it enough to give her his virginity?

They also go dancing and make out. He won’t stop talking about his feelings and admits he loves her. He thinks she might be the one to get his v-card.

However, that might not happen because she finds out that he does not have her dad’s blessing to marry her at the end. She gets upset and the whole thing becomes uncomfortable for the both of them. She ends up being in tears and says this is so hard for her to handle.

OMG HER DAD CAME? Actually, it is kind of sweet that he wants to have a fatherly chat with her about being with Colton. She honestly seems happier with her dad than she was with Colton. She still seems unsure about her feelings for Colton and says she wants more time with him. She doesn’t want it to end, but isn’t ready to get engaged. Her dad tells her to not rush things if she isn’t sure and finally we have logic on this show!! Thank you, Cassie’s Dad!

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At dinner that night, Cassie is ready to talk to Colton about what she is thinking. She tells him about her dad visiting and says she loves him but is confused as to if she is IN love with him. He asks her if she plans on leaving and she says yes. Yet….she still doesn’t know how she feels.

She bolts and ends up second guessing her decision. Colton finds her and they go for a walk and then back inside.They cry together and in the end, she ends up leaving….despite that he is willing to be patient with her. He even says he is in love with her and alludes to the fact that she is the one he plans to choose. Worst of all, they have a full glass of wine no one is drinking. Yes, this episode is that boring that I am focusing on the fact that they are wasting wine.

It took about 45 minutes for her to decide to leave Colton and the wine. Sweet baby justice…..that was painful to watch.

She leaves in car crying and he says he is done and runs away…..and finally jumps the fence with Chris Harrison screaming after him. The look on Chris’s face is the biggest WTF ever. He then opens the fence, follows the sound of dogs barking and whistles for him….like he is Marmaduke. Yet Colton is gone….for now.

Women Tell All tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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