Sammi’s Favorite Things: What I Learned from 50 Celebrities (By Screwing Up In Front of Them)


I  am a pop culture enthusiast. Actually, that goes without saying since I work in the entertainment industry! However, even before  I got my start in the business, I loved everything having to do with celebrities, entertainment and pop culture.

This is why I was SO excited to get the  book “What I Learned from 50 Celebrities (By Screwing Up In Front of Them).” Written by the lovely and talented Farrell Hirsch, the memorial goes into detail about his show business career and the lessons he learned along the way. He has met and worked with countless celebrities and has worked in almost  every aspect  of the business. He tells his story with passion, humor and leaves us with important lessons that could be carried into all of our lives.

More info on the book:

The innovative hybrid book publisher, Riverdale Avenue Books is releasing What I Learned from 50 Celebrities (By Screwing Up In Front of Them) by Farrell Hirsch chronicles the many lessons Farrell learned during his show business career from Justin Bieber to Stormy Daniels, and even Donald Trump.

Farrell Hirsch has lived more lives than any dozen of the proverbial rejuvenating cats you’ve heard about.  Not many people can say they’ve launched multiple national radio networks, worked with the coaching staff of a major league sports team, executive produced star-studded awards shows, been the co-creator of high-tech start up, written a play that played at Lincoln Center, optioned a TV pilot to major production company, and been the CEO of a nationally recognized not-for profit.

Hirsch was one of the people who founded The Ovation Awards, LA’s answer to The Tonys. Writing, producing, and lining up talent for those shows for seven years brought him into contact with stars like Charlton Heston, Annette Bening, Carol Burnett, Neal Patrick Harris, Stephen Sondheim, Nathan Lane, Danny Glover, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Stiller, and hundreds more.

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He was hired to launch national radio networks, on SiriusXM. The first of these was taking on the inimitable task of turning the world’s most visual brand, Playboy, into something viable in the world’s least visual medium, radio.  The endless drudgery of having to spend countless evenings at The Playboy Mansion parties, of recording the likes of  Etta James to Elvis Costello at the Playboy Jazz Festival, having celebrities like Carmen Electra, Pitbull and Fleetwood Mac come into the studio, hanging at the Super Bowl with Warren Moon and Lil John was exhausting.  These are his stories…

“While on the surface this book seems light and entertaining, when you read the entire book you can see how we can all learn from celebrities, both good and bad,” said Riverdale Avenue Books Publisher Lori Perkins. “This book certainly lets us see many of our pop culture icons in a new perspective.”Downloads are available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles Nook, iTunes, Kobo and wherever e-books are downloaded.

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