Writer Angela Larosa Talks to TVGrapevine

-Tell me a bit about how your career as a writer began.

I was home being the happy housewife that I am when I realized I wanted to do more. I have always loved journaling because I found peace in doing it. I would journal about my days, my ups and downs like so many others that are raising children and families. I have had the desire to reach out to the world to inspire and exude love, positivity, and goodness. I believe happiness is a choice and we can all make that choice and make the world a better place, it all starts at home!


-Who inspires you as an artist?

So many people! My children really inspire me to be my best because that is what I instill in them daily…we can do or be whoever we want to be in life, so I have to lead by example. My husband is one of the smartest people I know and he loves what comes out of my mouth (most of the time) so that keeps me motivated and inspired. There are so many famous people like Oprah, Ellen, Jennifer Lopez, they all live a life that helps people along the way, these woman have all overcome adversity and have build extravagant careers that are so impressive. Of course God! I truly believe I was meant to shine bright and help others to do the same in life, we were all born to live full happy lives!


-Tell me about working on this book and what inspired it.

I was hearing so many stories and I was upset about how many marriages were being destroyed by lack of communication and I wanted to write about it and hopefully help others.  I also needed to share the stories of my loved ones who were lost way too early, their lives needed to be highlighted in any way possible so since they didn’t get the chance to talk about it, I would do it. We all have a story and I wanted theirs to be heard. My sister asked me before she passed away to get her story out there so that is what I am doing.

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-Who are some writers you look up to?

Norman Vincent Peale, Rhonda Burnes, …I love the self help industry so those are really the types of books I read. I also have read the Danielle Steel books growing up too, they are a lot of fun!


What’s next for you?

I have recently become a health coach, so I would like to incorporate what I have learned into my next book. My kids keep telling me to make youtube videos so I have been tinkering with that as well! I am open to whatever God has coming my way. I enjoy every day and don’t get stressed about anything, thankfully!


-Tell me a surprising, fun fact about yourself.

I can write forward and backwards at the same time! ? I joke with my husband about my rushing to bed early for my second life, my dreams are so vivid and real and I get to live more then one life…real and dream life…so blessed! ?


-What are you watching on TV these days?

This Is Us, Lethal Weapon, Manifest, Empire. 


-Anything else you want  to tell America?

God is good! I have always had great communication spiritually and that is how I know that this is my purpose, so I am doing what was put in my heart, my mind, and my dreams…I am following through and seeing where this takes me. This is my experiment of reaching for the stars in living the life God created me to live!

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