Military Makeover: Art Edmonds

Art Edmonds is known for being the narrator of shows such as Swamp Men and Plan Xtreme. He also works on the heartwarming series Military Makeover, which returns to TV later this month.  The show is hosted by Montel Willams and also features WWE star Lacey Evans. 

TVGrapevine recently sat down with Art for an exclusive interview. Below are some of the highlights from our chat.

1. The show follows one family per season and helps them get a new house Extreme Makeover style. The makeover takes about ten days to complete and people from different businesses come together to assist in the makeover. All the companies support the military and are thrilled to be able to help them in any way they can.

2. Art says that the team brings the show to a whole new level, especially with the addition of Montel this season. Art helps tell the story of the family, Lacey motivates everyone and Jennifer Bertrand works on designing everything. He thinks they all make a wonderful team and loves how everyone comes together to make it all happen.

3. For him, the biggest challenge was getting everything done in the allotted time period. He even quipped that the paint is wet when the families see the houses for the first time. However, he thinks it is all worth it when they get into the house and everyone sees their reactions. Art knows that these families have faced a lot and thinks something like this is a way to give them a fresh start and build new memories.

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4. Art points out that this is in no way a political show. While people have their own views on things, they are there for one goal only….to thank the vertrans and show them how greatful they are for all they do. He points out that many of the vets they help don’t feel worthy or have some form of PTSD, so this is their way to ‘show thank you’ rather than say thank you. 

They also plan to show how viewers at home can help as well.

5. In addition to doing the show, Art is hard at work on other projects. He does a lot of voice work and also reps several products. He is also a musician and likes to rock out in his spare time.

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