Musician and Actor Linda Collins Talks to TVGrapevine

-Tell me a bit abut how your career began.

My siblings and I used to always create little skits at home and perform them for our parents, and my mom started teaching me piano when I was 4– Then in high school , I was in the Thespian Club, and got the lead role in our senior class play-but  went on to focus on music professionally for many years ; then after moving to New York City over a decade ago, I started taking acting classes and auditioning for and booking work in tv and film. 
-Who inspires you as an artist? Many many artists- but I really love to listen to and watch Barbara Streisand, Lady Gaga, Cate Blanchett, Scarlett Johansson, Robert DeNiro, and Ben Stiller.

-Tell me about working on this single and what inspired it. 

I actually just wrote a song titled IF TIME WOULD STAND STILL , but haven’t published it yet.. our lives move along so quickly and we sometimes miss what is right in front of us- love, friendship , happiness.  

-Who are some people you want to collaborate with?

It would be incredible , at some point, to get to work with Woody Harrelson  or Matt Damon as I love their films , shows, and work, but there are many many other great artists in the New York area and beyond that I would love to work with as well. I am inspired by so many artists. 

What’s next for you?

I’m shooting award winning filmmaker Terry Wickham’s feature Double Vision in the next few weeks and then have been cast in 2 more features that are in pre production now. 
-Tell me a surprising, fun fact about yourself. 

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My teachers in grade school always had to ask me to speak up in class—- I used to be very quiet and shy! And actually at the core, I still am shy  and don’t always want to ramble on about myself lol! 

-What are you watching on TV these days?

I love American Gods, The Affair , Blacklist, The Deuce. I’m also a fan of cooking shows, as I love to cook, and property renovation shows as I love architecture and decorating. 

-Anything else you want  to tell America?

I am an animal lover, and share my life with 2 toy poodles and a 16year old shih tzu . I used to think I wanted to work in a zoo so I could take care of animals 24/7 but have settled for my pups !Wishing everyone an incredible and joyful 2019!

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