Six Star Nikolai Nikolaeff Talks to TVGrapevine

Nikolai Nikolaeff may not be the most recognized name in Hollywood, but he is well on his way of getting it there.  He has been seen in various television shows and movies, always charming us with his talent and charisma. 

The Australian-raised actor  recently talked to TVGrapevine in an exclusive interview. Below are some of the highlights of our chat. 

1. Nikolai was most recently seen in the history Channel series Six, where he starred opposite Olivia Munn. In the show, he played Tamerlin Shishoni’ aka ‘The Prince.’ He was someone that was referred to quite a bit in season one, so it was great to finally see him appear this season. 

As soon as he arrives on the show, we get to see him in action. Not only do we learn more about his life as a Jihadi network leader, but we also get deeper into who he is as a person, as well as the events that shaped him to become that way.

2. In order to prepare for the role, Nikolai made sure he did his homework.  He watched YouTube videos and read articles to give him a better idea of the situation his character was living in.

While it was difficult for him to do, it helped him get into the mindset of his character and help him portray the character as realistically as possible. He said that getting into that mindset was interesting, but he had to check himself post filming in order to get out of it. 

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3. Now that Six is airing, Nikolai is hard at work on other projects.  His next project, Mile 22, which co-stars Mark Wahlberg, will be released later on this summer. The movie is something he is very proud of and thinks his fans will enjoy. While he could not reveal too much, I can promise you that you will that you are in for a real treat.

Nikolai also has other projects on the horizon, but you will need to stay tuned to see what they are!

4. Now that he is on his way to achieving super stardom, Nikolai has nothing but gratitude for the opportunities he has been given. He has nothing but good things to say about his co-stars and jobs he has worked on, both past and present. He is grateful that he gets to make his dream come true with every role.

5. Nikolai, like most actors, is active on social media. You can follow him on his Instagram page in order to learn more about him and his life as an actor.

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