Bachelor In Paradise: Meet the Cast

People Magazine just announced the cast of this season of Bachelor in Paradise, which will premiere August 7.

There are some surprises, some who were expected and some who left me going WHO?!?!, but it seems like it is an all-star cast. More people may be added as time goes on, but we will keep you posted.

The cast:

Angela Amezcua—Nick’s season

Annaliese Puccini—Arie’s season

Astrid Loch—Nick’s season

Bibiana Juliana—Arie’s season/Bachelor Winter Games

Chelsea Roy—Arie’s season

David Ravitz—Becca’s season

Eric Bigger—Rachel’s season

Joe Amiable—Becca’s season

John Graham—Becca’s season

Jordan Kimball—Becca’s season

Kendall Long—Arie’s season

Kenny Layne—Rachel’s season

Kevin Wendt—Bachelor Winter Games/Bachelorette Canada

Krystal Nielson—Arie’s season

Nick Spetsas—Becca’s season

Nysha Norris—Arie’s season

Tia Booth—Arie’s season

Wells—JoJo’s season—as the bartender

Yuki Kimura—Bachelor Winter Games/Bachelor Japan—as the bartender

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