Young Sheldon Series Finale Recap

Young Sheldon Series Finale Recap

Young Sheldon Series Finale Recap

The Young Sheldon series finale opens with Adult Sheldon looking back on how his family dealt with George’s death. Mary went to church, MeeMaw drank with Dale, Georgie planned the funeral and several neighbors, including Brenda, June and Peggy sent over casseroles.

Sheldon himself dealt with it by remembering Spock dying on Star Trek. He tells Missy about this and she tells him off while running out of the room.


Pastor Jeff helps plan the funeral, with Georgie giving him his favorite song, Born to be Wild. He doesn’t know that song, so MeeMaw offers to bring a boom box. Sheldon imagines ways he could have said goodbye and tells them about how he is imagining alternate realities. Missy yells at him and it causes a fight. Georgie tries to get them to stop while Pastor Jeff tells them this is normal. Missy yells at them both and sends her to her room. Sheldon continues to imagine what could have been on that last morning with George.


Billy brings Missy food and comforts her. He offers to give her a hug and kiss, but she says no. He tells her he knows how she feels since he is also without his father.


Dale tries to talk to Missy, who yells at him for sitting in George’s chair. He moves and she storms off. Sheldon comes in and says he is in his spot. He moves again, but Sheldon says he doesn’t want to sit, he just doesn’t want people in his spot.


Wayne brings over George’s things and has a crying moment with Mary. She offers him food as he continues to cry.


Sheldon walks around the house and sees everyone grieving in their own way. He decides to avoid grieving completely and ignores Dr. Sturgis when he tries to offer condolences


Georgie goes to pick up Georgie’s suit for the funeral and the lady says it is nice he is helping his dad. He remains stoic.


MeeMaw talks to Mary about the eulogy and they share a bonding moment, which includes MeeMaw admitting she was drinking and smoking pot when her husband died. Mary confesses she dabbled in the ‘devil’s lettuce’ with George the night before he was shipped off. She also shares other memories and admits that she is mad at George for dying. MeeMaw continues to comfort her and says she can make stuff up if she can’t think of anything to stay.

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Sheldon continues to think of how things could have been that last morning.


The funeral day arrives, with Jim telling Mary he is sorry and considered him a good friend. Mandy and Audrey also offer condolences, while Dr. Linkletter and Dr. Sturgis offer to take care of Sheldon. Brenda and Dr. Givens talk about how they know the family and both reveal that they are single.

Mary tells Missy can she can go to the casket to say goodbye and thanks him for their Red Lobster date and everything he did. She cries as she tells him she loves him one more time.

Georgie promises to take care of everything and not let him down.

Mary says that he didn’t really want to take the family portrait and kisses him goodbye.


Georgie shares that George always had his back despite the mistakes he made…and shares them all.

Mary begins to read the eulogy and admits that she is angry with him for dying and has a breakdown. MeeMaw hugs her as Georgie comforts Missy,

MeeMaw says that the Lone Star Beer Company flag is hanging at half mast and jokes about George’s antics. Missy is confused by this, but MeeMaw continues, saying that George always had eyes for Mary and was a good man she is proud to call her son.

Wayne and Tom try to eulogize George, but both end up crying, especially Wayne.

Sheldon talks about his last morning with George and how he regrets not saying goodbye. He says there were many times he didn’t notice his dad, which he regrets….and then Adult Sheldon says this never happened. Adult Sheldon said he focused on his shortcomings after the funeral, but now that he is a father, he loves and appreciates his father.


Twenty-seven days later, Mary is getting the family ready for church. They all say they have been to church several times that week. Missy wants to live with MeeMaw, who tells them Mary will calm down soon.

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Adult Sheldon says that he always did things to make others happy, which Amy says is not true, leading to them to argue over what he does and doesn’t to for others. She says he Zoomed into a conference while she was giving birth. He says that was because she was taking forever to dilate and he needed to work.


Back in the Young Sheldon timeline, the Coopers are in church with Sheldon using a laptop. He is told to put it away by Mary and Pastor Jeff, but he says it is a miracle of technology.

Back in the present day, Sheldon shows Amy that original laptop, but she tells him to get ready for their son’s hockey game. He wants to continue writing, but she insists he get ready and says they are leaving in an hour.


Back in Young Sheldon’s timeline, Dale is playing the guitar in his undies, leading to MeeMaw making fun of him. She tells him to put on pants as she walks out of the room.


The Coopers enjoy KFC together. Sheldon wonders why a place is set for George and Mary says he is there in spirit. Mandy compliments the food as Sheldon and Georgie argue over if anyone should sit in the chair.

Mary changes the subject to the twins getting baptized. They argue over it and Georgie says it wasn’t bad when he did it, leading to everyone remembering Veronica.

Mandy offers to take Missy out to get her mind off everything, but turns down the ideas of a bar and a tattoo place, realizing she has no idea what fun is anymore.


Georgie takes out the garbage and sees Mary crying. She is upset over the twins not wanting to get baptized, but rejects Georgie’s way of comforting her. He calls MeeMaw for help.


Mandy takes Missy out and tries to comfort her as they drive around. Missy is still angry and doesn’t want to hear it.


Sheldon packs up his room when Mary walks in. She is surprised he is taking his trains and says she is going to the cemetery to talk to George. The baptism debate starts up again, leading to them arguing. Adult Sheldon recalls that he told her he wasn’t going to be baptized. Amy comes in wearing a hockey jersey and has one for him too. He argues with her about it and she makes him take a shower and get ready. He reluctantly agrees.

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Mary is at the cemetery when MeeMaw comes with a beer to toast to George. The two have a heart to heart with MeeMaw telling her that the kids need her more than ever….and not her prayers. Mary argues that she is saving their souls while MeeMaw wishes she had more beer.


Missy sees Sheldon’s room packed up and says so many things have changed. MeeMaw joins them and says they need to get baptized for Mary’s sake. They argue with her, but she says Mary is falling apart and they need to do it. She begins to cry, weirding out Missy. Sheldon says he didn’t hear a thing.


Pastor Jeff prepares them for the baptism and offers his condolences. Missy doesn’t want to hear it and storms off. Mary asks if Sheldon is leaving too, but he agrees to stay and hugs her.

Pastor Jeff introduces Sheldon, who is dressed for scuba diving, much to everyone’s shock. Amy reads about it in the book and is surprised. He says his parents did all they could for him and that was the ultimate gift.

Amy finally convinces him to go to the game in the jersey and says their daughter wants acting lessons. He says they never should have let Penny babysit.


Adult Sheldon says Mary finally sold the house and everything was gone….but he can remember everything as it was. Young Sheldon takes it all in as Missy asks if he will remember her. He says he has no choice due to having an eidetic memory.

The series comes to a close with Young Sheldon entering CalTech. A man asks if he is lost, but Shekdon says he is exactly where he is supposed to be.


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