Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Sad Cupcakes

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Sad Cupcakes

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Sad Cupcakes

The episode opens with Bob running a company meeting, giving good news on profits. Everyone drums on the table, but Goodwin is not into it, so Kofo claps….after everything Bob says. Bob then says people are interested in buying the company, which confused and concerns Christina and Doug.

However, everyone wants to hear the details of what could happen and why someone is sniffing around. Bob says it doesn’t matter since they aren’t selling….even if Christina and Doug want what is best for Christina’s baby. Bob reiterates his point and tells Kofo to clap.


Bob talks to his dad (who shows up in spirit) about selling the company. He is worried about what will happen if he does sell the company, so Max gives him conflicting advice on selling. He says he is there because Bob isn’t okay, but doesn’t give him any real help.


Gloria and Abishola are in the break room. Abishola wants to take a quick nap and asks Gloria to time her since they are working their third double. Kemi walks in and wants advice on which glasses to keep. The ladies aren’t interested in helping since they are so tired, so they instead complain about their long hours. Kemi gets frustrated and leaves, chasing after other women working.


Bob comes home that night and sees Abishola eating ice cream for dinner. She is upset there is no chocolate sauce and says it is the worst day ever. They talk about their days and she tells him that maybe they can enjoy life more if he sells the company….dreaming about traveling.

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Bob calls everyone together and says they aren’t selling since it is his company. Nobody is happy, even though he says he wants to see the new ideas through. Kofo brings in cupcakes and is sad when he hears the news about not selling.

Everyone debates on what to do, but Bob is standing firm on not selling. Goodwin wants to sell so he can do something on his own, leaving Max to return in Bob’s mind, saying he is turning in his grave.


Later on, Doug and Chrisina talk to Bob about selling since they want the money. He tries to talk about the logic of selling, but they say that the company caused him to have a heart attack and to have too much stress in his life. They think they can finally have freedom, but he still refuses to sell.


At the hospital, Abishola talks about her socks falling apart, while Kemi scrolls through Instagram, getting sassy over the content. Gloria works in and asks Abishola to take on a patient. Abishola says that she is already overworked and cannot take any more, causing the ladies to fight and Kemi to be entertained by said fight. Abishola storms off, with Kemi following for more entertainment.

Bob talks to Max about Christina and Doug’s feelings about selling. Max tells him he needs to let them go and be on their own, letting Bob see things in a different way.


Abishola and Gloria talk in the supply closet and discuss their work situation. They make up and decide to go back to work….but not before they steal supplies.

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The next day, Goodwin tells everyone he reached out to the company wanting to buy MaxDot to talk about making a deal. Kofo says he can’t do that without Bob, but Goodwin thinks he can do it with or without him. Bob then comes in and says he decided to sell….with everyone telling him that they decided this was for the best already.

The Wheelers hug it out and talks about the future, save for Kofo, who feels like he will have nothing once the company sells. Bob says he will have him help with his future endeavors.

Christina wonders what Max would think. Bob says he isn’t there but thinks he knows what is best.


Later on, Bob and Abishola talk about the future and relax with foot massages and wine. They realize that their overworking is what led them together and now they can’t imagine life without each other. He thinks he can relax now, but she tells him he better not be lazy. They agree to build their own empire as Max looks on with pride while the episode ends.

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