Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Olu I Popped

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Olu I Popped

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for Olu I Popped

The penultimate episode of the series opens with Abishola and Bob planning a trip to Vegas for Kemi’s wedding. Bob finds a nice room, but Abishola warns him that Kemi won’t be happy if they have a nicer room and will throw a fit if she finds out.

Bob wants to have fun, but she wants to focus on her maid of honor speech, which she reads to him. She focuses on her life, which Bob quips won’t be dinged by fact checkers…and tells her to drink the bar booze.

Chuey and Kemi eat dinner with Ogechi, who is annoyed by their PDA. She gets snarky with them and Kemi says they won’t see her once they are married. However, Ogechi has other ideas, leading to the women fighting and Ogechi laying a guilt trip on the happy couple.


Gloria tells the women she is taking them to Thunder From Down Under. Abishola wants to tell Bob, but Kemi doesn’t want to tell Chuey and says she learned from her first marriage that he is going to be a silent partner. They debate on marriage, with Gloria tells Kemi that things will change once Ogechi moves in. Kemi says she plans on sending her to a home.


Bob, Tunde and Chuey toast to Chuey’s wedding. Chuey worries about leaving his mom for the first time, so the guys give him advice on what to do. However, he feels guilty since he took care of her for so long. This makes Bob feel guilty, so he drinks his whiskey and calls his mom.

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Olu helps Kemi get into her wedding outfit while Gloria and Abishola drink. Chuey arrives, so they have to hide Kemi’s outfit due to the ‘bad luck’ tale. She wears a blanket as Chuey tells her that his mom will be living with them after all. They end up arguing and call off the wedding. Kemi gets so angry she pops a seam on her dress.


That night, Kemi drinks with Bob and Abishola to toast her independence. They try to help her see the error of his ways, but she doesn’t want to hear it. Abishola tries to be honest, but Bob tries to be nice about it, leaving Kemi threatening Abishola with cutting her off as a best friend and telling Bob they are fine.


Chuey talks to Ogechi, who brings him snacks. She tries to lay a guilt trip on him when he says he needs time away, but she ends up having a heart attack mid-argument.


At the hospital, Kemi goes to see Ogechi and Chuey. Ogechi wakes up and lays on another guilt trip, but everyone is happy she is going to be fine. Abishola says she will not be surgery, but she cannot travel. The couple decide to postpone the wedding, despite Abishola’s warning that they will lose their dream venue.

The next day, Kemi and Chuey decide to get married at the hospital chapel, which includes the ladies dancing down the aisle and the priest saying he usually just does last rites. Tunde compliments Olu’s work on the wedding dress as the wedding gets underway with beautiful vows (with pharmacist puns and Kemi fibbing about her age!), tears and a kiss. Everyone dances back down the aisle.

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The ceremony is followed by a reception in the cafeteria with Abishola giving her speech about her life with Kemi. Ogechi enjoys champagne with her painkillers and tells Chuey she will move out. Kemi says she will do no such thing…..but she will have to wait until they break in their marriage. Ogechi tells him to send her back to her room as the episode comes to a close.


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