Next Level Chef Recap for 80 Degrees and Palm Trees

Next Level Chef Recap for 80 Degrees and Palm Trees

Next Level Chef Recap for 80 Degrees and Palm Trees

NEXT LEVEL CHEF: Gordon Ramsay with contestants in the NEXT LEVEL CHEF episode airing Thursday, Feb. 29 (8:00-9:02 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Lorraine O’Sullivan / FOX. ©2024 FOX Media LLC.

Next Level Chef Recap for 80 Degrees and Palm Trees

-This week, the remaining chefs will need to make a fish dish inspired by tropical cuisine.

-Chef Blais’s team is in the middle kitchen, Chef Arrington’s is in the bottom kitchen, and Chef Ramsay’s is in the top kitchen.

-Each team has thirty seconds to choose their ingredients.

-As the chefs begin to work, several of them realize they are either missing ingredients or their food is still frozen.

-As always, the judges are there to mentor, offer advice and give commentary on what their teams are doing.

-TWIST! They must add a tropical fruit to their dish for added flavor.

-The chefs continue to cook, all the while getting advice from the judges/mentors.

-It goes by so quickly that I am shocked when time is up and it is time for the judges to taste their food.

-I wish they would be more specific as to what was cooked and by whom because they go fast and it is so confusing.

-After giving the pros and cons of each dish, it is time to pick a winner. This week’s winner is Von….so he is safe, along with the rest of his team. They will go from the basement to the top-level kitchen.

-Chef Blais sends Angela to the elimination cook-off, while Chef Ramsay chooses Jordan. However, he uses his immunity pin to keep himself safe. This leads to Wendy being in the cook-off instead.

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-Angela and Wendy must make a pork dish in 30 minutes.

-Did Angela push Wendy? WTF? She also had the damn audacity to say she did what she had to do….I wish she would have gotten eliminated for that….there was no reason for that. Poor Wendy looks sad enough already, why make her feel worse?

-These elimination cook-offs always give me such anxiety because everyone is screaming and shouting as they cook….making me nervous.

-The chefs in the lounge are acting like they are watching the Super Bowl.

-I know Wendy shouldn’t have cut her pork chop, but how else was she supposed to check it if she didn’t have a food thermometer?

-Before long, time is up and the dishes are judges.

-After some deliberation, Wendy is eliminated.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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