Young Sheldon Recap for 2/15/2024

Young Sheldon Recap for 2/15/2024

Young Sheldon Recap for 2/15/2024

Young Sheldon Recap for 2/15/2024

The episode opens with Mandy playing with CeeCee and wondering why she is smiling since all her toys blew away to Oklahoma. Georgie comes in with undies that belong to MeeMaw, while Missy gives her a new diaper to use wisely.


Meanwhile, George is on the phone with Mary, who is freaking out. As they argue, Missy asks where the extra sheets are. Mary (over the phone) says that they are in the linen closet, which surprises George…that they have either one of their things.


Meanwhile, Sheldon is going around Germany, eating a pretzel and blissfully enjoying his life.


MeeMaw argues with her insurance company on the phone, who say that tornadoes aren’t covered. She continues to argue and pretend it was other things like a flood or hurricane, but no avail. Dale tries to make her feel better, but it is no use. She is still upset, especially when he agrees to her paying rent.


Missy tries to make things normal by making breakfast and making sure George doesn’t hog the bathroom. Georgie compares her to Mary, while Mandy says she will be a good mom. Missy is happy with the latter.


They plan on what to do to replace stuff and agree she is in charge and George is watching CeeCee.


Robin finds money that MeeMaw lost and wants to keep it, but Pastor Jeff argues over doing the right thing.

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Mary tells Sheldon about the tornado says they need to go home. The two of them argue, with him deciding that he is staying put.


MeeMaw and Dale continue to talk about their current situation, but end up getting into a fight when he brings up her lack of tornado insurance. She storms off and goes to the Cooper house, claiming she lives there now.


Missy makes sleeping arrangements, which leads to arguments on who wants to be where and who is sleeping on mattresses where present people were conceived.


Pastor Jeff comes home to see that Robin used the money to buy a new TV. He is torn between doing the right thing and having a nice TV.


Mary tries to change the flight arrangements, but Sheldon argues that there is nothing they can do. They decide to call MeeMaw, who tells them to stay put, despite the fact that Mary tries to make it seem like they are needed at home.


Dale comes over with flowers, but MeeMaw isn’t home. He talks to Missy about the situation over coffee, who tries to make him see the error of his ways, despite his initial resistance to share. Her reaction is to add more sugar to her coffee.


Mandy goes to visit Georgie and the casino/laundromat, surprised that people are gambling after a tornado. He mentions that her mom offered to let them to stay at the McCallister house, but she refuses to move in with her parents again.

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Dale continues to vent to Missy when MeeMaw comes back with CeeCee. They shoo Missy away and talk things out and try to figure out what to do.


George sees Pastor Jeff throwing out the TV box and beings to question him. Pastor Jeff acts evasive, while Missy runs around the neighborhood, buzzed on coffee.


Mary goes to a bar to try and order a sweet tea or Dr.  Pepper, only to get beer and misuse German phrases. She tells the bartender she is from America, earning her a snarky answer.


Missy continues to act like Mary to keep the family together, including making dinner and making people say grace. Georgie complains, but Missy shushes him, saying that they need veggies to ‘keep things moving’


Pastor Jeff drops off the TV due to his guilty conscience.


Sheldon talks to his new classmates, who are disappointed he is not a stereotypical Texan. Mary enters after her time in the bar, doing her best Wayne Newton impression.


MeeMaw and Dale canoodle on the couch, with Missy telling them there will be ground rules if he wants to stay overnight.


The episode ends with Mary vomiting and Sheldon giving the history of vomiting….as he joins in.

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