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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Reunion Snark and Highlights for 1/23/2024THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF SALT LAKE CITY -- Season:4 -- Pictured: Heather Gay -- (Photo by: Gizelle Hernandez/Bravo)

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Snark and Highlights for 11/7/2023

-This strawberry place Angie and Monica are at seems exactly up my alley.

-It was sweet of Angie to get Monica a book for her kids…..even though there is a lot of drama between them.

-The two of them seem to have buried the hatchet, but who knows how long it will last.

-Hearing Angie talk about losing her mom is making me cry.

-The ladies bonding over their moms is something I never expected to see, but it was a beautiful moment.

-Whitney planning Bobbi’s birthday sounds so much fun….but getting her a golf cart seems a bit odd.

-How did Whitney and Lisa go from planning the party to arguing over Monica and the abuse she is getting from her mother?

-Whitney is right, unless you have been abused, you have no idea what it is like or the signs to look for when someone is also facing abuse. I see Lisa’s point about not using abuse as an excuse to be a bitch, but that doesn’t mean you can accuse Monica of lying/say she deserves it.

-I know nothing about the Mormon religion, but is it possible that there are churches that are more lax with rules? I know there are different sects of the Christian religion, is it possible that this is true in the Mormon religion too? Genuinely asking.

-Bobbi’s reaction to her makeup is adorable.

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-I hate to break it to Heather, but her outfit is not Hawaiian sunset themed any more than Angie’s is….and neither are her daughters’.

-Angie totally put her foot in her mouth by mentioning the mission announcement brunch, but Heather was being way too dramatic over it.

-Why in the name of all things holy would you wear a bikini to a kid’s birthday party….at a roller rink? I know it is Hawaiian themed, but come on!

-Heather is probably hurt because despite not agreeing with the mission, she wants to support Jack. It’s the principle of the matter and that is why she is hurt.

-Bringing up drama at a kid’s birthday party and potentially starting a fight is so gross and in such poor taste.

-I’d rather be compared to a plant than a serial killer….that made me laugh way too hard.

-Lisa realllllyyyyy needs to stop with Monica….when someone is being abused you don’t dismiss it or gaslight them into thinking it isn’t that bad…or compare them to the abuser.

-Lisa bringing up the brunch debacle to Heather in the middle of the party was really immature and nasty.

-Heather congratulating Jack despite the drama with Lisa was really classy.

-Did it ever occur to Lisa that maybe Angie can disagree with Monica and still be civil?

-She is also so rude to John by venting to him and ignoring what he was saying to answer a text.

-Heather doing Georgie’s hair for the prom is so cute and sweet.

-Whitney’s sound spa/crystal/healing/jewelry event seems like a blast.

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-Did it ever occur to Lisa that Monica’s relationship with Linda is complicated and none of her business?

-Whitney shutting down Lisa to run her event was epic….especially since it resulted in Lisa pouting.

-Lisa saying no one wants to be Monica’s mother was vile…I am surprised Monica’s drink didn’t end up on her head.

-The ladies fighting during Whitney’s speech makes me so sad…Whitney worked hard on this event and they are ruining it.

-Whitney just shushed Lisa….YESSSSSS. AND she called out the ladies for fighting!

-Why does Lisa care if Monica and Angie made up?

-Whitney should have kicked them all out.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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