The Amazing Race 34 Recap for 12/7/2022: The Winner Is....

The Amazing Race 34 Recap for 12/7/2022: The Winner Is….

The Amazing Race 34 Recap for 12/7/2022: The Winner Is….

Tonight is the season finale of The Amazing Race on CBS. Three teams remain and will have to give it their all if they want to win it all.

Next stop, NASHVILLE!

Teams need to label and pack thirty bottles of Tennessee whiskey for delivery in order to get their next clue. To be more specific, it is Jack Daniels.

Luis and Michelle struggle, but Molly and Emily seem to get the hang of the task quickly. Derek and Claire also appear to be having trouble.

Emily and Molly have the clue and need to drive to the Korean National Memorial Bridge for the next part of the journey. Derek and Claire are not far behind. Luis and Michelle finally catch up.

The teams make a mad dash to their cars to get to the destination. They all decide to stop for directions at a gas station.

Before long, everyone is back on the road. Things are tense with all three teams. Derek and Claire pull ahead, but Emily and Molly miss the parking garage and have to double back, losing their lead.

Roadblock! The teams have to climb a bridge, grab a guitar pick, rappel down and get the next clue. The teams are once again neck and neck, which makes the whole thing even more intense.

Emily takes it like a champ and gets down quickly, but Michelle stays up there out of confusion until she realizes she didn’t have to wait to go down. Derek and Claire remain in the lead.

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The teams all need to ask for directions once again, with Molly and Emily getting lost again and Derek and Claire getting their next clue from some famous Amazing Race alums Jen and Caroline.

Teams need to deliver Gibson Guitars to three musicians in order to get tickets to the next part of the race.

Luis and Michelle end up ahead of Emily and Molly, who are still looking for where to go.

Luis and Michelle fan out over Jen and Caroline as they get started on the project. Molly and Emily realize they went the wrong way and have to go back again.

Derek and Claire remain in the lead and now must head to the Nashville Municipal Auditorium. Everyone in the streets is cheering for them to make it to the finish line.

The other teams are hot on their heels trying to finish.

However, it is not over yet….the teams must put pictures in chronological order to music based on the show’s theme song….all in eleven seconds.

So far, Derek and Claire are the only ones who made it that far, but they are struggling.

Luis and Michelle get to the final part of the race, followed by Emily and Molly.

All the teams struggle, but Derek and Claire finally make it to the Ryman to get the win! Emily and Molly are close behind them.

DEREK AND CLAIRE WIN THE AMAZING RACE!!!! There is no proposal despite a false alarm. They will, however, be moving in together.

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Emily and Molly are in second place!!!

Luis and Michelle are in third place!!!

That is a wrap for this season!

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