America’s Got Talent Recap for 8/18/2021

America's Got Talent Recap for 8/18/2021

America’s Got Talent Recap for 8/18/2021

Tonight is the second live results show for this season’s America’s Got Talent on NBC. Five acts will move to the next round, while seven will be eliminated.


Kodi Lee will return to perform with HER, while The Clairvoyants also make a triumphant return to the stage.

The acts in danger are T.3, Korean Soul and Tory Vagasy. One will be saved by America, one will be saved by the judges and one will be eliminated.

Northwell Nurse Voice Choir and Shuffleution are called to the stage first. The act moving on to the next round is….Northwell Nurse Voice Choir!

Terry, Heidi and Sofia help the Clairvoyants with their act, which consists of cards and entertainment. It is a lot of fun and reminds me of why they became such fan favorites.

Victory Brinker and Aiden Bryant are called to the stage next….where they discover the act moving on is…..BOTH OF THEM!

Peter Antoniou and Positive Impact are called to the stage. Peter is in, Positive Impact is eliminated.

Doktuek Crew, Josh Blue and Johnny Showcase take the stage next…..with Josh being the only one to make it to the semi-finals.

Kodi Lee and HER perform together next. He is on the keyboard and she is on the electric guitar. Kodi’s mom is also on stage, taking in all the joy in the performance.

Instant save results! Tory is saved, which means either T.3 or Korean Soul are going home. In a dead heat, the ladies vote for T.3 and the guys vote for Korean Soul.

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It now comes down who got the most votes from America.

Korean Soul is in, T.3 is out!


More next week, stay tuned!


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