Young Sheldon Recap for German for Beginners and a Crazy Old Man with a Bat

Young Sheldon Recap for German for Beginners and a Crazy Old Man with a Bat

Young Sheldon Recap for German for Beginners and a Crazy Old Man with a Bat

The episode opens with Georgie telling MeeMaw they should sell hot dogs at the casino because it is a guaranteed moneymaker. A guy is in there playing, thinking they were open, but it turns out they were robbed.


Dale and the cops look into it, but the cop in question is the one keeping the secret about the casino, so there is not much to be done. MeeMaw is not happy.


Sheldon pitches the Germany idea to Mary and George, who are not happy, but are willing to listen. They agree to talk to Dr. Sturgis before making decisions.


Missy makes a friend at a video store, who turns out to be Pastor Jeff’s neice. They bond and agree to watch an R rated movie together….hidden in a Disney box.


The Coopers talk to Dr. Sturgis, who tells them that he is not going with Sheldon and they have to pay for everything themselves. They tell him to tell Sheldon he isn’t going.


Dale and MeeMaw try to figure out a way to catch the robbers, but only have him holding a bat as a weapon.

He goes around questioning people, but makes himself look creepy instead. MeeMaw yells at him and tells him to be useful.


Sheldon argues with his parents about Germany while Missy bons with Pastor Jeff’s niece Tonya, who is being force to live with him due to having an older boyfriend.

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Georgie shows tells MeeMaw and Dale he has a tape of the robber, but it proves to be useless since it is a truck (which everyone has) and in black and white.


Missy talks to Sheldon about Germany and offers to help him pay for a one way ticket….because he might love it.


Mandy is watching TV when the gang comes home with the cash box. She reminds him the money is just in the house and they decide they need the bat again.


Tonya convinces Missy to sneak out to smoke and drink. Dale and Georgie worry about being robbed and act paranoid. They spot Tonya and Missy, thinking they could be robbers and debate on whether or not they should turn out the lights….all the while the girls arte sneaking off to smoke.


The next day, Sheldon tries to sell stuff to earn money for Germany, which Mary reluctantly agrees to help with….along with Missy, who is sneaking back in.


As the yard sale goes on, Sheldon has trouble selling things while Pastor Jeff comes by to rat out the girls for the R rated movie. Missy convinces him it was a mistake, but Mary is suspicious.


Meanwhile, MeeMaw and Dale are still worried about the robbers.


After the yard sale, Dr. Linkletter comes over with donations to send him to Germany. Pastor Jeff also gives him money from the church. Sheldon thinks he is beloved….as the episode comes to a close.

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