The Masked Singer Recap for 4/26/2022

The Masked Singer Recap for 4/26/2022

The Masked Singer Recap for 4/26/2022

Medusa: She is glad to be back and not unlike her past experiences, she is here to prove herself….like the sun.

She sings Mercy from Shawn Mendes and it is so powerful and beautiful. All I can say is mission accomplished on proving herself! WOW! The judges are correct when they say that she could win it all!

Her clue is going by a different name personally than she does professionally.

Guesses include Lorde, Susan Boyle and Kesha.


Gargoyle: He has more experience being an underdog than anyone else and has a connection to….a bear?

He sings DJ Got Us Falling in Love by Usher and Pitbull. It definitely has a lot of energy and fun….the voice isn’t quite on par with Medusa, but he certainly knows how to bring the party.

The clue is an oversized coin with a picture of Dr. Ken. He also is a record breaker.

Guesses include DeSean Johnson, Michael B Jordan, Cal Barkley and Anthony Mackey.


Mantis: He is doing this because it is his daughter’s favorite show and didn’t expect to make it this far. He usually lives outside the box and worked hard to get to where he is today.

His rendition of You Really Got Me by The Kinks is so fun, so exciting and the best performance of the night by far. Medusa has the voice, Gargoyle has the spirit and Mantis has it ALL!

The clue is a sword with the words Movie Maverick on it. He has more movie credits than Ken.

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Guesses include Brendan Fraser, Steve Buscemi and Thomas Lennon.


Mantis is eliminated…..and WTF? He was my favorite of the night! He is none other than….LOU DIAMOND PHILLIPS!!! HE IS SINGING LA BAMBA AND I AM FUCKING HERE FOR IT!!! 


The Battle Royale begins and as always, it is tough to decide who is staying and who is going. However, we have to say goodbye to Gargoyle….who is KEENAN ALLEN!!!  WHAT A SURPRISE AND HONOR TO SEE HIM!!!

More next week, stay tuned.


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