The Masked Singer Finale Recap for 5/17/2023

The Masked Singer Finale Recap for 5/17/2023

The Masked Singer Finale Recap for 5/17/2023

It is The Masked Singer season nine finale on FOX! Who will win, Medusa or Macaw?

Macaw: His final clues include being judged again and going deeper into who he is as a person.

His a rendition of Hold Back the River. It is a phenomenal performance and unless Medusa really steps it up, this is his to win. I am in awe from start to finish.

That being said, his voice sounds SO familiar and it is driving me crazy!

Guesses include Doug Robb, Neil Patrick Harris, David Archuelta and Darren Criss.


Medusa: She has been on tour and fought too hard to get here to lose. She even quips that she might not want to give up the costume.

Her rendition of Elastic Heart by Sia is one of her more interesting performances….it has a lot of spirit and shows a side of her that we have never seen before.

Guesses include Fergie, Ke$ha, Grimes, Shirley Manson and Bishop Briggs.


Macaw: He had a year of major reflection and change in the past year. He wanted to give up, but kept going, leading him to this moment and realizing that he deserved to be loved.

His rendition of Eric Clapton’s All By Myself is tearjerking….I am crying so hard listening to this performance. WOW. What a way to end his journey! WOW!!!


Medusa: She wants to make her son proud and show him some things are worth fighting for in life.

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Her rendition of Welcome to the Black Parade is a wonderful way to end her journey…WOW! Win or lose, I bet her son is so proud and excited for his mommy!


THE WINNER OF SEASON NINE OF THE MASKED SINGER IS MEDUSA!!!!! I am really surprised, because I honestly thought Macaw had it tonight.


Now on to the reveals!! THE IDENTITY OF MACAW IS NONE OTHER THAN…..DAVID ARCHULETA!!! His speech about coming out and being there for the LGBT community was beautiful, as was the bonding moment with him and Dr. Ken. I am crying.




That’s a wrap for this season!


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