AGT All Stars Recap for 1/30/2023

AGT All Stars Recap for 1/30/2023

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT: ALL-STARS -- "Auditions 5" Episode 105 -- Pictured: World Taekwondo Demonstration Team -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

AGT All Stars Recap for 1/30/2023


AGT All Stars shows ten new acts vying for a place in the finale and gives out another Golden Buzzer.

Act 1: Peter Rosalita: AGT 16–Singer: He has such a great voice for someone so young. I am so impressed with his demeanor and poise, he has such maturity far beyond his years.

The judges think he is a stat in the making.


Act 2: Axel Blake: BGT 2022 Winner–Simon’s Golden Buzzer–Comedian: He is hilarious and fun. He talks about middle seat adventures and I am giggling from start to finish.

The judges think he knocked it out of the park and love that he got a standing ovation.


Act 3: Mandy Harvey: AGT 12–Simon’s Golden Buzzer–Singer:  She went deaf at 18 due to an illness but used it as inspiration to take her music career in a whole new direction. I loved her during her initial season and am impressed with how amazing she sounds this time around…..WOW.

The judges think she did great and love her positive attitude.


Act 4: Yumbo Dump Asia’s Got Talent and AGT 13–Variety: This act is…..something…..they are doing sound effects on their tummies and it reminds me of some of the silly college antics I see around town. Funny, but not a million dollar act.

Simon and Howie enjoyed it, but Heidi was not impressed.

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Act 5: Mervant Vera: AGT 17–Magician: He is a rapping magician who freestyles random words on frisbees. It is quite an interesting act and very unique. I hope he makes it to the next round because this is my favorite act of the night so far.

The judges enjoy it and hope the superfans enjoy it.


Act 6: Tom Ball: BGT 2022–Singer: This is by far the best rendition of Sound of Silence I have ever heard in my life. I am in tears, my jaw is on the floor and I am left utterly speechless.



Act 7: World Taekwondo: AGT 16–Terry’s Golden  Buzzer–Martial Arts: This was one of my favorite acts during their season and WHOA, they proved that they are in it to win it this year. This is a next level performance, boards flying, jumps, all sorts of movement….my jaw is on the floor from start to finish. I also think the moving background is a nice touch.

The judges are blown away by them and want MORE!


Act 8: Jasper Cherry: BGT 2020–Magic: He is adorable! That smile is so infectious. He brings Heidi on the stage and has her bring her phone. She picks a card and shows it off before putting it face up in the pile. Jasper then mixes them up and takes her picture while she holds said cards. He then takes his own phone and makes it go back in time five minutes….as well as everyone else’s phone…..and then brings them back to the deck of cards. The picture on Heidi’s phone has also changed. He proves he knew the card Heidi would pick via a video of him traveling to the show.

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The judges are floored by this act….Howie even quips that he wants Jasper to make him 37 again.


Act 9: Ana-Maria Margean: Romania’s Got Talent Season 11 Winner–Ventriloquist: She brings out her puppet Waldo and they banter over who rescued whom while Waldo sings You Don’t Own Me. It is such a cute act….she would kill it at a show on a Disney cruise.

The judges fall in love immediately and are impressed that this began as a COVID lockdown project.


Act 10: Archie Williams: AGT 15–Singer: He is by far one of my favorites of the entire series……the story, the talent, the strength….and now his career booming….WOW.

I love how the act begins in a spoken verse and then goes into Ain’t No Sunshine. It is such a powerful performance that I am almost in tears.

The judges are thrilled that he is back and love the power behind the performance.


Top 3 Acts:

Peter Rosalita

Ana-Maria Margean

Mandy Harvey



Third Place: Mandy Harvey

Second Place: Peter Rosalita

MOVING ON: Ana-Maria Margean


More next week. Stay tuned!!!!!!

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