Lego Masters 3 Finale Recap for 12/14/2022: The Winner Is……

Lego Masters 3 Finale Recap for 12/14/2022: The Winner Is......

Lego Masters 3 Finale Recap for 12/14/2022: The Winner Is……

Part one of the season finale of Fox’s Lego Masters opens with the final four being tasked with building their own moving fountains, which will give them a place in the finale.


The teams quickly get to work. Emily and Dave do a flamingo theme, the Stephens do a frog theme, Brendan and Greg have a horse theme and Nick and Stacey have a sandcastle theme.


As everyone works on their build, Will talks and banters with the teams, even pretending to turn the teams against each other.


The teams all seem to struggle in one way or another…..causing even more tension in the room. The judges walk by to check on them and offer some advice and guidance.


We also get to see a little bit of reflection on the team’s journeys, which is sweet.


The Stephens switch to making ducks about halfway through, giving them even more stress. Brendan and Greg also change their minds and decide to make a windmill with tulips.


Will has them smack talk each other, which kind of eases the tension.


The tension mounts, but before long, time is up and the teams must present their builds.


The Stephens: Duckies in the Rain, which features a lady feeding said ducks under a rainbow.


Brendan and Greg: Tulips in the Spring, which shows a thunderstorm helping the tulips grow.


Nick and Stacey: Crabbin’ Around. This build also features a sandcastle with fountains and pinwheels shooting out water.

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Emily and Dave: Flamingo Joe, who is a flamingo that encounters bees that spit out water. Unfortunately for them, part of it breaks.


The judges give their pros and cons on each build before declaring Nick and Stacey the winners of the challenge. The Stephens also go to the finale, along with Emily and Dave, sending Brendan and Greg home.


The second hour kicks off with the teams having 24 hours to build something the judges have never seen before.


Emily and Dave build a city block, Nick and Stacey build a childhood library and the Stephens build mountain scape around Lake Louise.


As they work, they are each gifted with the very first Lego set they ever had as a child. The catch? It must be added to their build.


More time goes by and then Will comes out with more surprises. The winners will get their build displayed in Legoland NY…..and their families are there to wish them luck.


The teams continue to work, but Emily and Dave run into issues with cracks in their build. They try to fix it and hope for the best.


Before long, time is up and it is time to present one last time.


Dave and Emily:  City of Kaleidoscopia. It is complimented for its fun, playful vibe.


The Stephens: Autumnal Aurora. The judges love the personal story they decided to incorporate.


Nick and Stacey: Imagination. Their build has a lot of character and energy, which the judges seem to love.

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Third place: Emily and Dave


Second Place: The Stephens




That is a wrap for this season! Thanks for reading!

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