People Magazine Investigates Recap for Candy and Betty

People Magazine Investigates Recap for Candy and Betty

People Magazine Investigates Recap for Candy and Betty


Friday the 13th–June 1980

Norwich, Kansas was a tiny town of 500 people that had just the basics, but everyone knew everyone and there was a sense of community.

Ron Pomeroy is the brother of Betty Gore. He recalls thr two of them growing up with their parents and younger brother Richard on their grandparents’ farm.

Richard recalls them all having chores and work to do. Betty would to the indoor chores and help raise him. He remembers how they got their new place with indoor plumbing, which they loved after having only an outhouse.


Both brothers and her sister-in-law Pat remember Betty as someone who was very social and caring. She had gone to Southwestern College with dreams of becoming a teacher, which is when she met her future husband Allan. They recall her becoming a wife and mom and how they eventually moved to Wylie, Texas so Allan can get a better job.


Once they moved, Betty became an elementary school teacher and made sure that all her students felt accepted and loved. She also became an active member of her church, where they met Pat and Candy Montgomery. The families had daughters the same age, so they all became friends.


During this time, Betty became pregnant with her second daughter Bethany. All seemed well with the family, until June 13th, 1980.

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That Fatal Night

Allan was on a business trip and cannot get a hold of Betty. He called Candy, who says that she saw Betty that morning to get a swimsuit for Alisa to wear. Alisa was to spend the night at the Montgomerys, so she was with Candy. However, there was no sign of Betty.


At this point, Allan is worried, but goes to dinner as planned. Later on, he still cannot get in touch with Betty, so he calls his neighbor Richard Parker to investigate. Richard agrees and sees that the garage door is up and the lights are on. He relays this information to Allan, who tells him to go in the house. Two more neighbors named Lester and Jerry join Richard and are able to break into the house. They heard a baby crying and saw baby Bethany soiled and upset. Further investigation shows a complete bloodbath—and the dead body of Betty Gore.


The men now have to break the news to Allan that his wife has been shot to death.



The Investigation Begins

Investigator Steve Deffibaugh recalls coming onto the scene of the crime and seeing the disturbing scene. He and the other investigators discover the cause of death was not a gunshot, but by an axe.

Fingerprints and hair are found at the scene and the evidence is collected. A random 20 dollar bill is also found, making it clear it probably was not a robbery or home an investigation. The investigators also found it odd that the newspaper was open to the movie page featuring The Shining and that it was Friday the 13th. They wonder if this is an odd coincidence or if there was a copycat killing based on the movie.

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Betty’s family remembers going to the house the day after the murder and felt as if Allan was not properly grieving. However, their first priority was Alisa and Bethany.

Meanwhile, the town was shocked that someone could do something to a well-loved teacher.

Two days after the murder, the family gets a call with someone saying that they killed Betty. The phone is then watched so they can hopefully get the killer on the line again. This time, they are able to keep the caller on the line long enough to trace the call to a mental hospital. However, it ended up being a dead end and an even crueler prank.

Focus then moved to Candy, who was the last one to see Betty alive. She claimed she came over to get the swimsuit for Alisa and visited a bit and that nothing seemed amiss. Her fingerprints are taken and she is sent home.

The investigation continued  and it seemed as if the killing was a crime of passion and Betty knew her killer.


Suspects, Affairs and Disturbing Twists

At this point, Allan is questioned. He told investigators that Betty was suffering from postpartum depression and was worried that she may be pregnant again. They question his whereabouts, which were confirmed. However, his demeanor was still strange and he was not ruled out as a suspect. He is questioned further and his fingerprints are taken. He also agreed to a polygraph….and then admitted to having an affair with Candy.

Candy came in for another interview and confirmed the affair, but that it was over. She is sent home, but soon she is the prime suspects when her fingerprints are compared to the ones at the scene of the crime.

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Further evidence at the scene put Candy at the scene of the crime. She is called in to take a polygraph, but no longer wished to cooperate.

Two weeks after the murder, Candy is arrested for the murder, shocking everyone, especially Betty’s family.

Four months later, Candy stood trial for the murder. The case takes a shocking turn when her defense attorney claimed she killed in self defense. She explained that she only attacked Betty because she was attacked first….after being confronted about the affair. The story doesn’t fly and psychiatrists are brought in,who said she was having a dissociative reaction rooted from a childhood incident. They think this was triggered by Betty shushing Candy.


The verdict found Candy not guilty by reason of self defense.



Candy went on to divorce her husband and become a counselor, while Allan remarried. Alisa and Bethany both have families of their own after being raised by Betty’s family.


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