America’s Got Talent Recap for 8/9/2022

America's Got Talent Recap for 8/9/2022

AMERICA’S GOT TALENT -- “Quarterfinals 1” Episode 1709 — Pictured: Avery Dixon (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent Recap for 8/9/2022

Tonight is the first night of live shows for NBC’s America’s Got Talent. Only two acts will make it to the next round, so everyone needs to bring their A-Game!


Act 1: Amoukanama (Dance troupe) What a way to begin the night! Flipping and jumping this way and that from the sky, from the audience, from the judges’ table and all the special effects with lights–wow! I cannot believe how incredible this is…WOW.


Howie is BLOWN AWAY, especially since this is the first time he has seen them perform. The other judges are equally impressed.


Act 2: Amazing Veranica and Her Incredible Friends (Dog act): It is a cute, sweet act that makes me smile from start to finish. The best part is the dogs actually walking on their hind legs and carrying hula hoops in their mouths. The conga line at the end, along with the costume changes, were icing on the cake.


The judges think she is adorable and even like the moments where the dogs go rouge and jump around.


Act 3: Ava Swiss (singer): I am floored by her powerful, mind blowing performance. I legit have goosebumps and am crying as I watch her sing…holy cow, I think she just got herself a ticket to the finals tonight.


The judges are completely moved as well, calling her remarkable and gutsy.



Jordan Conley is the 55th act on the show!

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Act 4: Ben Lapidus (singer): The Parmesan dude….he begins a slow serious song and then goes into a heavy metal act singing the infamous Parmesan song. He gets three buzzes, but Heidi and the audience are rocking out.


Heidi loves it, but the other judges are confused.


Act 5: Lace Larrabee (comedian): She talks about her husband, their proposal and his spending habits. The act also goes discusses her party days and her current girls’ nights. Simon buzzes her and she goes right along with it as she continues her act.


Heidi, Sofia and Howie like her,  but Simon thinks that something was missing from the act.


Act 6: Drake Milligan (singer): He is so adorable and reminds me of Luke Bryan. There is something so endearing about him that makes me smile throughout the entire performance.


The judges adore him and think he is the real deal. Simon even calls him the best act of the night.


Act 7: Oleksandr Yenivatov (contortionist act): This act is….something. I literally have no words for it at all. It is so different and mesmerizing….I literally do not know what to think.


The judges are in awe of him.


Act 8:The Players Choir (football choir): They are so fun and entertaining….and too cute for words. Every moment of that performance made me smile.


The judges love them…and Simon thinks we need them in the finals.


Act 9: Stefanny & Yeremy (ballroom act): They are FIRE! The chemistry, the dance, the fiery background…all of it. I have no clue why Simon thought it deserved a buzz.

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The other judges think they are amazing. Simon wants MORE!



Act 10: Don McMillan (comedian): He talks about driving, road signs and life in general. The act is so relatable and so fun…he is a riot!


The judges adore him as well.


Act 11: Avery Dixon (saxophonist–Terry’s Golden Buzzer): What a way to end the night! Holy cow was that GOOD. I think he is also making it to the finals or at the very least getting a recording contract at the end of this season. WOW.


The judges ADORE him and how well he did tonight.


More tomorrow, stay tuned.

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