Celebrity Spotlight: The Alessi Brothers

Celebrity Spotlight: The Alessi Brothers

Celebrity Spotlight: The Alessi Brothers

Q: Tell me about Eden Roc?
Eden Roc is the name of our new Album plus it’s the name of the street that Bobby’s home and studio are on. we, kind of too the lead from the Abbey Road title being so inspired by the Beatles.
Q: Tell me  a bit about how your career began?
Our whole life in music began at a very early age when we would entertain our aunts and uncles by singing in harmony while standing on the stairs. (kind of like being on stage)
Q: What are some of your proudest accomplishments so far in music?
Working with McCartney and Lennon, Singing backing vocals for Barbara Streisand Art Garfunkel and Sting. Also having recording artists, Peter Frampton, Olivia Newton John and Frankie Valli record and release our songs.
 Q: Who are some people/companies you want to collaborate with?
Hard question to answer, because there are so many.
Q: What’s next for you two? Anything new and exciting in the works?
We are currently releasing our latest album, “Eden Roc” and would like to begin touring again once Covid is no longer a threat.
  Q: Tell me a surprising, fun fact about yourselves?
Aside from first love, making our music, Bobby loves flying his model aircrafts and Billy has relocated to Naples Florida and loves driving his mid engine Porsche.
 Q: What are you guys watching on TV these days.
Ozark is hard to miss!
 Q: Where can people learn more about The Alessi Brothers?
They can check on us at www.alessibros.com on the Alessi Brothers Facebook page and on Youtube under Bobby Alessi channel.
Q: Anything you want to tell the world?
Let’s try to live in the world as one, the planet is getting smaller all the time.
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