20/20 Gone At Dawn: Jodi Huisentruit’s Disappearance

20/20 Gone At Dawn: Jodi Huisentruit's Disappearance


20/20 Gone At Dawn: Jodi Huisentruit’s Disappearance

  • Jodi Huisentruit was a young, up and coming journalist who disappeared on her way to work at the news station. Drag marks and several of her belongings were found in the parking lot of her apartment complex.
  • Her disappearance caused a stir in the sleep community of Mason City, Iowa. At the time, she was working on a show called Daybreak and was also a morning news anchor. She was a young, vibrant blonde who was coming into her own as a journalist. The day she disappeared started out unusual, since she was late for work and her producer Amy Kuns had to call and remind her to head for work. Jodi initially said she would be in, but then never arrived. Amy kept calling, but no avail. Her job eventually did a welfare check, which led to them realizing that something terrible happened to Jodi.


  • Since her disappearance in June 1995, people have been trying to figure out what happened. There have been endless investigations, podcasts, TV specials and even a website called findjodi.com dedicated to helping her family get closure.


  • The biggest problem was that although there were clues that she was probably kidnapped or attacked, there was no way to prove anything. There were also hints that she was with someone the night before, but nothing was ever proven. A partial handprint found at the scene of the crime also turned up nothing.
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  • People claim to have heard screams and someone begging to be left alone that morning, but nothing was ever proven.


  • At the time of her disappearance, Jodi had been taking self-defense classes and been dealing with an incident that was reported to the police.  It was thought that she could have either been dealing with a stalker or someone who wanted to keep her quiet due to a story she was working on. Her personal information was in the phone book, which made it easier for her to become someone’s prey.


  • However, based on the fact that she didn’t follow her usual routine the day she disappeared makes it more likely someone she knew. A neighbor claimed that a man had come to see her the night before, which makes the case even more complex.


  • The night before Jodi disappeared, she had been seen at an event until 8pm. Approximately 25 minutes later, she was at home, where she called a girlfriend. The friend was not home, so Jodi had talked to the husband for a bit, sharing that she had gone on a weekend getaway just days before.


  • The getaway was actually written about in Jodi’s journal. The journal also mentioned two men she socialized with, one of which (Billy Pruin) was killed right before Jodi disappeared. Interestingly, his death was considered a suicide before being declared undetermined. It was inferred that she may have been investigating his death, but again, nothing was ever proven.


  • The night before she disappeared, Jodi was said to have been with her friend John Vancise after her event, but that does not fit in with the timeline which showed she called her friend from her apartment.
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  • He was often mentioned in her journal and even had a boat named after Jodi. While he denied being involved, he had no alibi for the day she disappeared. His girlfriend Ladonna initially believed him, bit soon left the relationship because she didn’t want to be involved.


  • John was not a suspect, but a person of interest, despite passing two polygraphs. He had been looked into as late as 2019, but nothing new came to fruition. He claims he now has dementia.


  • Tony Jackson was another suspect. He was a rapist who lived in the area at the time of Jodi’s disappearance. An informant claimed that Tony confessed to killing an anchorwoman. Tony also brought a car the day before the disappearance and put on an unusual number of miles in a short amount of time.


  • Tony was questioned in the disappearance but denied any involvement. He did admit to being a rapist to a reporter who interviewed him. This only led to a lawsuit by Tony, who claimed that this did more harm than good.


  • Thomas Corscadden was also a suspect. He was a known sexual predator who drove a white van similar to the one found in Jodi’s apartment complex. He claimed he knew she was dead, but denied any involvement. After an exhaustive investigation, he was cleared of all charges.


  • More clues emerged, including another woman claiming to be stalked and a buried refrigerator, but nothing led to any new leads.


  • The investigation is still ongoing.
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