Sammi's Favorite Things: Children's Book of the Year

Sammi’s Favorite Things: Children’s Book of the Year

Sammi’s Favorite Things: Children’s Book of the Year

I have always been an avid reader. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved discovering new books to read and often chose reading over other activities. Now that I am an aunt/godmother, I get to share my love of reading with the next generation.

Of course, I am sharing my old favorites with my goddaughters Isabella and Aria (Amelia Bedelia, the Frances series, Lyle the Crocodile, just to name a few), but I am having a blast discovering the new books available for kids.

Enter Athena the Ballerina, a wonderful book which is written by one of my best friends, Jennifer Ortiz-Correa. (She also happens to be the mommy of my oldest goddaughter Isabella!) The book tells the story of a wonderful little girl Athena, who is has Hypotonia/low muscle tone. Her dream is to become a dancer….and with the help of her mother, she works on making that dream a reality.

This book is not only a sweet story about a little girl with big dreams, but it reminds all of us that we should always go for our dreams and never give up. Thanks to this message (and because it was written by one of my best friends!), it was picked for TVGrapevine’s Children’s Book of the Year.

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